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Protecting Vulnerable Adults from Abuse (Safeguarding) - Page 7 - Carers UK Forum

Protecting Vulnerable Adults from Abuse (Safeguarding)

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I know this issue was raised last year, but I too have just come to the end of a formal investigation with the PHSO, and I am reeling from the outcome. The service failures were all found to be present, thankfully because I did document everything, the service failures were found to stem from the medical and nursing care and treatment 'falling so far short of the applicable standard, as to amount to service failures'. Also my caree was not treated as a 'vulnerable adult' and provision for that went unheeded, although asked for by the police on more than one occasion. Whilst the investigation was taking place, my husband was able to get tramadol from other vulnerable people and he overdosed for the second time, which resulted in him being found unconscious and consequently he suffered brain damage, this was a year after my first plea for help. The upshot is that the PHSO have upheld the lack of correct diagnosis, the lack of proper care and treatment from the 'team' of experts, the absence of medical notes, the perfunctory medical note taking, it took them a year to conclude. What they didn't uphold is the outcome, namely brain damage, loss of job for the first time ever,(he's 54 now), not being able to drive etc. this is the final report and the next step is the judiciary route... this is neglect don't you think? How can a Trust not be found responsible for the outcome, that is devastating to our family? when it is proven that they failed to diagnose and treat a patient, how can the report find that they categorically did not listen to my concerns and that they let me and my husband down and then say, purely on the law of probability, it could of ended up that way anyway!! bit angry but where do I go from here? Any advice gladly received

I think the various organisations like NHS, hospitals, doctors, nurses, social workers etc are all so afraid to admit any wrong doing or even genuine human mistakes for fear of being sued is what creates the "sue for damages" culture that lawyers are making a mint out of.
The stress caused to carers as well as the carees creates more costs as this often results in further health problems for both. There is also the resentment and anger mostly in both but more so in the carer.
If a mistake was acknowledged instead of this determination to try to evade responsibility there may be more respect for the "officials" that carers have to deal with. The authorities may also be depending on beating down the carer and caree with making it such a long drawn out process full of denials involved in these instances so that the carer does not have the energy or time to continue.

Your absolutely right duncaring! That's what they have hoped they would do to me, wear me out!!!

I've just completed a final letter to the Chief Exec of the Trust, he sent a letter of apology and £1500 as a token...My husband had worked all his life, right up until this last episode, I am angry, but I know I'm right. The letter is being Cc'd to the Health Minister, works and pensions Minister, as my O/H is now on DLA, from 2012, the PHSO, local MP and the CQC, if I can find out how to paste it on here, without my details!! I'll do it, it makes interesting reading. Thanks for your reply, hope your having a good day xx Back to work next week for me Image
HI Treez

If you have saved your letter just highlight the body of the letter leaving out things like your address real name etc. right click, click copy then open this page and click reply then left click on the reply box then right click and click paste. Ha ha me giving out computer advise!!! Best put on asbestos gloves for the job!

Treez, DON'T CASH THE CHEQUE! If you do, you could be seen as accepting his apology as an end to the matter. Seek legal advice, if you have a good case a local solicitor might be willing to help you - and they will explain more about why you should not cash the cheque.
Hello Bowlingbun,

I have put the cheques into the bank!!! but I did write to make sure what these were for, and they, and I have it in the apology, are for the distress caused by the identified failures and not for the outcome. I also was informed by the PHSO (although I think the complaints procedure is just a buffer to stop the complaints going directly to the health minister or the prime minister!!), that the other complaints are separate. The PHSO have concluded that the medical and nursing care fell so far short of the applicable standard as to amount to service failures, and these failures were from March 2011 to date!!! even whilst the investigations were taking place, the failures still kept happening from CMHT to GP to General Hospital. They report also identified absence of notes, perfunctory note taking when there were notes, missed opportunities to put things right, and still the outcome has been ignored. I have written a further letter to the hospital trust, and their chief exec, and I wrote back to Phil Confue, chief exec of the trust I first complained about, when I received his apology. This letter was sent to Mr Stephen Gilbert MP, who has helped me from October 2011 with missives, Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, Rt Hon Iain Duncan-Smith, Dame Julie Mellor ombudsman, David Behan CQC, Dr Travis GP.

The other trust involved is being very cagey with these other very apparent failures, which conveniently were not factored into the initial investigation, and I was only told this was not going to happen when I was in receipt of the draft report!!! The PHSO had been given written evidence, that can never be ignored, in December 2012, and only in July 2013 was I told it was to be a separate complaint. Giving the trust time to try and cover up things.

I'll PM you the letter I wrote back, I did put it on the posts, but thought it better to delete. You always have a lot of knowledge in matters relating to the various government quangos, I hope you don't mind. Thanks for your concern, I'm learning a lot myself, hopefully I may be of use to others going through the same, once I get my life back Image Image Image Image
I have trouble with my PM's, they don't always go, and now it's not letting me 'paste'....ah well, I'll try later...Thanks bowlingbun, you should be a solicitor yerself Image , You haven't worked in CAB by any chance have you?
Bumping this thread. The first post is the most relevant to a carers forum and a carers charity.

As carers we should all be aware of what constitutes abuse to vulnerable adults.

Many of us care for vulnerable adults and it is can be hard as well as personally rewarding.

This forum should never deteriorate to becoming a platform for promoting any form of neglect or possible abuse.


Well said, couldn't have said it better, so true!
This forum should never deteriorate to becoming a platform for promoting any form of neglect or possible abuse.
I'm a bit baffled by that comment, could you please explain what you mean? Surely it goes without saying that our mission is to care for and protect our loved ones?
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