Pressure sore in Care home.

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Maybe the first question should be "Can you care for mum right until the end?" regardless of any further health issues?"
If the answer is no, then at some stage, mum will have to leave where she is, either to die in hospital or a nursing home.
A bleak question indeed, but it is the right one, it's true.
My mum was in a nursing home for the last year of her life.
The Matron told me that they could manage all personal care, pain relief "drivers" etc. BUT they were not allowed to administer drips, and could not manage uncontrolled bleeding.
Fortunately, neither of these two exceptions ever applied to mum, she had already signed a DNR and told the GP that she never ever wanted to go to hospital for treatment again, so palliative care only. The standard of care she received in the nursing home was far better than she had in hospital, and of course she had the advantage of a room of her own, rather than being shunted from one place to another in a variety of wards.
Personally, I feel a DNR at some point becomes not only inevitable, but 'desirable' - as in, NOT having one can just lead to unnecessary suffering and a pitiful and, to my mind, even cruel, refusal to let 'Nature take its course'.

To my mind - and this is only my personal opinion, but I would hope that at some stage it can be applied to my poor 92 y/o MIL with advanced and ever deepening dementia, that a DNR could also be applied to 'no antibiotics' as well, if infection sets in. Obviously, palliative care in either even is absolutely and totally essential .A painless and 'easeful' passing is what must happen. And yes, it should surely take place in a care home/hospice and not a hospital.

But these are difficult things to come to terms with - difficult indeed.