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awaiting hospital transport advice - Carers UK Forum

awaiting hospital transport advice

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
hope ive posted in the right section

I've been a carer for over ten years and have always been told that if a service user has had a fall we must not leave untill swifts night owls ambulance etc arrive,

now I had a situation whilst oncall the other night
we have a service user on uti antibiotics two days in to the the seven day course and the carers where concerned as she had been saying there is a lady sitting on the sofa.
the doctor has been out on a near daily basis and one day prior changed the antibiotics to a different type
well Friday evening came carer went in at teatime and reported to me "oncall" that this lady is talking to Margaret on sofa again
(possibly antibiotics not working well and needs iv antibiotics)
surgery shut
called 111 as not an emergency, service user safe not in danger,not fallen, no injuries, normal urination- no pain sensation, no tempreture able to hold a conversation with carer just imagining a lady was sitting on sofa - call not going through
tried three times I advised carer to call 999 and explain 111 has a problem
they took the call and said would send a crew out they where asked if the carer needed to stay and they said no aslong as she is safe, carer got hospital bag ready and made sure everything required was available
night carer was kept on Rota as if the crew hadn't arrived we could check on service user when carer got there she phoned for an update on time scale -apology lot of priority calls and service user is not deemed at risk- so basically at back of queue
carer sat with service user the duration of the call 30 minutes
didn't get her in to nightwear as chilly night and we were expecting she will be going in to hospital
paramedics came at 11.30 phoned me
service user fine all stats fine no signs of infection
mobility good
paramedics said is a little "eccentric"
eaten and drunk with paramedics as prior we where told service user is not to eat or drink
service user in bed

now my decision has been questioned by not having a carer stay with her all evening
she was safe not injured and even the 999 call centre said "no need to stay as service user safe"
we don't wait for a doctor to visit when we phone for a home visit do we ?
also that the night carer did not put service user to bed as was awaiting for transport - so we thought
it's been said the night carer should of put client in to nightwear and then in to bed.
to then be woken up dressed 2 hours later by ambulance staff ?

what are others views on this situation ?

what would you of done different in this situation?

many thanks
Our answer would be from our position as a family / kinship carer which , I suspect , would be very different from the answer you are seeking ?

In essence , we are servient to our carees ... if they need us , we're there ... that's what we do.

In the situation as described , I would be with my caree until my presence was no longer required.

For some , me included in my caring days , that means 24 / 7.

What was described sums up everything that is wrong in outsiders providing social care ... care being the operative word.

No mention of your " Service user's " emotional state at the time ... perhaps frightened or apprehensive ?

Was that ever taken into account ?

Others will be along to add their obsevations.

ps. I love the term " Service user " ... I presume a human being needing what passes for outside care ?
Hi Timothy
As you can tell you have landed on a family and friend carer forum not one for paid care workers. I wear both hats so in that situation you describe I feel you acted appropriately assuming any next of kin if there are any had been informed and were happy with the situation. On the odd occasion when I have had to call paramedics out to service users (yes people!) I or a collegue have remained with them but as you say during the day for none dangerous situations GP call outs quite happy to leave client alone to wait for GP call. If client just waiting for out of hours Dr then I see no difference . You have been following advice of 111 and 999 so just record every action you have taken and advice you have been given. Assuming you can escalate responses and are not top of teh tree make sure duty manager is aware of your decision and reasons for it.