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Recommendations for kitchen equipment - Carers UK Forum

Recommendations for kitchen equipment

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
I thought I'd ask the experts for some advice on this one!

I'm going to start getting my boy some gadgets for the kitchen. Food prep is difficult for him, so I've been looking at things like peelers and various kinds of gadgets that can chop/dice food instead of him needing to cut it into pieces before it's cooked (roast potatoes, for example). I've also seen various things that help with things like lifting saucepans, pouring kettles, chopping boards etc. There seems to be a fair bit of stuff available, I just wondered if anyone uses any makes/brands that work well for them and if there are any that I should avoid! Image

Many thanks Image
I have severe arthritis in my hands, so some food prep is difficult. Now I buy organic carrots which don't need peeling. Small "charlotte" potatoes which can be cooked with their skins on, broccoli and cauliflower which are easily chopped and cooked. Rice in a packet which can be cooked in three minutes. There is a range of utensils with fatter than average handles, and the handles are "soft grip", I have some of these. Potato peelers are very individual items. I have one I love, the other looks almost identical but I hate it, so much more difficult to use. Can openers are also a challenge, and of course you can't test this sort of thing before you buy. So see how he gets on with your own things first. Saucepans with a second helper handle opposite the main one are useful - mine are stainless steel made by Stellar, often on ebay. My DIL has a very lightweight plastic container with a lid which she uses for cooking baked beans in the microwave, could also be used for veg. so if weight is an issue, one of these, for under a tenner, would be a good investment. If he's going to be cooking for himself, and can understand the theory of pressure cooking, an individual size pressure cooker is great; alternatively a slow cooker, to save washing up. The more you can avoid doing difficult things, by finding an alternative way of working, the better.
I have one of those manual chopper thingamebobs, got it from pampered Chef but Lakeland and elsewhere do them. It's easy and SAFE. I suspect this is your real concern. If so all I can say is yes they do the job well and SAFELY...pushing the handle down and job done ....but can be a bit noisy. I don't know if this is a likely issue in your sons case.

But to honest I still grab for my favourite knives...which is not of course what you want to hear, sorry!

I would be lost without ring pull thingy. lost anyway when it comes to bottles of bleach Image
Sorry, not helpful.
I love the Nicer Dicer thing I practically blackmailed my SIL to get me for Xmas. I 'borrowed' it so much she just 'had' to get me one for Xmas.... it worked! I got one. I use it daily.
My mum got so interested in me chopping loads of onions for the freezer - I was wearing goggles and and a scarf wrapped around my gob to stop me crying - that she wanted a go too. It worked, even for her.

I'm currently hoping my Sil for my birthday will give me a decent piping bag. My £2 jobbie from Morrison's burst after using it twice. I'm hoping my previous tactic of borrowing her good one from her so much will lead her to give me own one..... I cannot believe that I'm conning/persuading my Sil into giving me an icing bag!
But it will make such a difference; I'm very cack-handed otherwise. With a decent 'pipe' I can do things neatly. I like to do things neatly... sometimes!
One bloody great big sharp Sabatier knife - use it for everything: opening cans, carving a chicken, chopping carrots, smashing up lobsters into halves, taking stones out of horses hooves and intimidating Jehovahs Witnesses. And a decent corkscrew bottle opener, of course...
I'm intrigued; what is a sabatur knife? My cutting knife is a bog standard one I sharpen on this metal pole thing. It's so good I can even slice tomatoes cleanly without them squishing.
Don't get too many Jehovah Witnesses around here, but those Thermodynamic lot are becoming a bloody menace...
I got one of these mini processors a few years ago and it's been great for chopping, blending and whipping cream.

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kenwood-CH180-M ... +processor
Not much call for chopping cream in these 'ere parts. I use me knife for chopping 'ard stuff. If I have to chop cream I usually figure it must 'ave turned to cheese whilst I wasn't watching ...
Thanks SussexRox for clearing up that Sabitur stuff.
A couple of years back some supermarket started promoting these 'never need sharpening super/dooper' knives. So I started collecting the tokens to buy them. I only got suspicious when a knife sharpener was part of the package.
How come a knife sharpener was needed if these knives never needed sharpening?
I bought the knife sharpener, and nothing else. It works brill!

Not exactly high tech. You just wizz your fave knife up it a couple of times and it will slice a cherry tomato without bits squishing everywhere; it'd put the Saracens to shame. Trouble is, my fave knife for cutting and chopping is now getting a wee bit thin!
Think I need another knife.