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practical help needed

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Hi My mom lives alone at home and has care assistants and myself looking after her. She is bedbound and can ususally only stand to sit in her wheelchair for a couple of hours at a time because of spondilitis in her spine being painful. My problem is that her wheelchair is rather large and her legs have to be slightly lifted, which also makes it quite long. It doesnt fit into a black cab or a normal wheelchair taxi. She said to me yesterday that she just wants to do normal things again, like sit outside a pub in summer, go shopping, or play the odd game of bingo. I need to know what kinds of transport are available for us to use, but have no idea who to ask? She also needs a haircut at home (I got her a home hairdresser once, but she complained that the handles on the chair meant that it was difficult for her to lean over and cut moms hair, so she wouldnt come again and now I dont want to ring another home hairdresser in case we have the same problem!), she also needs an optician to come out to her home. Does anyone know who I need to contact to find out what is available for mom in our area please? The doctor is useless, the district nurses just shrug and say look on the internet, and the care assistants tell me there is a lot out there for us but they dont know what, or how to access it!!
Thanks for any help

For transport I think most local authorities have a Dial a Bus. You could get this information from Social Work or the Council offices. They have specially adapted buses which presumably will be able to take all types of wheelchair. On the other hand if the weelchair seems to be te source of a number of problems what about thinking if you could get a different type of chair.

Little Lamb
Hi Pauline

in order:

Transport - check on your local council website to see what they have to offer. We get Dial-A-Ride here which is a specially adapted mini-bus. You could also ring one or two of your local mini-cab firms - many do have adapted vehicles for wheelchair users.

Hairdresser - it really will be a case of phoning round and asking - or perhaps you could go into your local hairdressers and explain the problem. Hairdressing was our family business and I cannot see how the arms of the chair would 'get in the way' !

Opticians - try googling 'opticians at home' - there are a number of companies that now offer home visits (including Boots Opticians I believe), but not knowing your area I can't suggest any in particular. These two came up first when I did a search:
There are also usually adverts in 'Yours' magazine for this service.
Thankyou so much for the advice, I will try out the dial a bus and taxis and ask around at hairdressers. Tomorrow I will also try the links to the opticians.
I have been asking many different 'Professional' people these questions for months and not one of them could suggest any of these things!
In future I won't bother asking them for anything we need, I will try on carers UK first Image
in our area we have ring and ride, the buses even go on day trips to shopping centres etc...have you a local carers centre maybe you could get local addresses and info to help, has mum had the chair for long, maybe it needs a little tweeking for extra comfort...by the way...welcome Image and keep in touch, let us know how you got on...............best wishes mand
might be worth asking at a couple of Care Homes,for names of mobile hairdressers. The Homes seem to have people going in to cut and style hair,most of our local ones are young Mums, working part time and always seem happy to be doing their work.
Good luck with sorting things out.
Have registered mom with ring and ride, have yet to try the optician or hairdressers, but will do it next week. Thanks everyone for the advice. I am really looking forward to getting mom out and about more now.