Powers of Attorney and problems with siblings

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Which is absolutely the right thing to do. Inevitably mum will find daily life harder as she gets older, but then it's HER choice whether to pay for more and more help in the home, even a live in carer; or to finally move into residential care.
Has your sister always been bossy?!!!!! (Is she older or younger than you, by the way - can say a lot!)

The point it though, quite apart from, as others are saying, not only is it entirely in your mum's say so as to what happens to her now, and if she wants to try out living back at home, then she is entitled to do so, with or without you or your sister's help, let alone needing your 'approval' or 'permission' (!!!), and not only again as others say, would it be a breach of confidentiality to talk about your mother's finances - which have been assigned to YOU - (does your sister resent this? It would seem so!), BUT, the main point is that EVEN IF your sister went through her mother's finances with a toothcomb, what on EARTH has that got to do with whether your mum lives at home or not!

The two are completely unconnected!

What 'trust' pray, is being 'compromised' by you not showing your nosy sister your mum's private financial affairs???

I am getting the feeling that this is about 'power' and your sister is getting angry that she hasn't got any power over her mother. Or you.

Yes very bossy and yes, I think she does resent it, but she's never been around and never been involved in mum's life. I really don't know how the trust has been broken, but it must not have been there in the first place is all I can think of.
Thought as much!

She rather sounds like she's falling into the category of relative which on this forum is referred to as a 'helicopter'....

Helicopter relatives have nothing to do with the actual care of their parents or whoever the family caree is, but suddenly 'helicopter in' ,and hover irritatingly overhead, making all sorts of demands, often also offering all sorts of advice that is uninvited, unnecessary, irrelevant and basically 'intrusive', considering they do xxxx all for the caree themselves.....!!!