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London parking fines. - Carers UK Forum

London parking fines.

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Hi Everyone
I have just received a parking fine for parking in a restricted area even though I have displayed blue badge in windscreen after allowing my father out of the car and returning to his friends in the local betting shop. I have decided to go and sit in local pub, allowing him to enjoy and allowing me to relax and have non alcholic beer aiming to pick dad up from betting shop around five. When i have got to my car theres a ticket on windscreen
I know what I have done is wrong but having to read and understand those complicated parking signs set out up against a wall and under railway bridges and also seeing other cars already parked along road is not nice especialy for unpaid carer like myself whose demands and pressure taken on as I'm looking after elderly father with Alzhiemers is very high.
Do you think it is worth appealing this penalty and do you think they will be sympathic with someone in my position or should I just pay that fine now getting 50% discount.
Oh dear, sounds like one of those situations where the universe conspires against you, and makes a difficult situation even worse.

I think in your place my response would depend on just how much 'spare energy' I had, and could I face taking on the faceless might of bureacracy - vs how much 'spare cash' I had simply to curse the whole damn bunch of them, but fork out the half-fine straightaway and be done with it!

I know it's easy to say 'oh, pay and let them go rot in hell!' rather than have to fight them when you need your time and energy for your caring responsibilities, but of course that depends on how tight money is in general.

Personally, I truly believe there is a special circle in hell for those who add to the difficulties of what folk like you are doing, and that in that circle of hell they will be the ones on the receiving end!

I've fought parking fines in my time - the most recent when I was attending a Cancer Volunteers meeting at my local hospital, for which we were allowed free parking to attend, and I was given a ticket in the two minutes it took me to pull up, then dash in to the reception to get my 'free parking' notification to put in the car. Apparently, I should have put a hand written note to say I was collecting the free pass....

I did get the fine rescinded in the end, but it was a total pain, had to fill in forms, and get the hospital manager to sign them, blah blah blah.

Whether you woul get yours rescinded I'm not so sure. Bureacats who set these rules, plus the wretched parkies contracted to carry them out, don't exactly have flexible or compassionate minds.....?????

All the best to you anyway. And just keep remembering that circle in hell for when you feel your blood starting to boil.
I think its always worth appealing. What have you got to loose?
Can you pay it now to benefit fromt eh discount and then write to appeal and request a refund- if you have to pay it you don't want to miss the discount.
Is the ticket from a private company or was it issued by the council?

I'll assume that as they have ticketed a vehicle with a blue badge on display that it was a private 'parking management' company. Put simply, they are a bunch of chancers hoping to make a few quid from unsuspecting motorists with no legal powers of enforcement.

DO NOT PAY THIS. As already mentioned, have a look at the MSE website and use the template provided to contest the penalty (note the absence of the word 'Fine').
There is a whole forum section for parking ticket disputes and it is well worth reading.
http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/for ... .php?f=163

Don't pay up, don't accept their early payment offer, but don't ignore it either.
Good luck.

p.s. Unless your father won big time in the bookies, then get him to pay out. :)
we live in Newcastle some 300 miles from London but we have exemption from the London congestion charge but it is well known that the blue badge has limited use with the city of London .. when we visit for things like the armistice days parade sat/sun + garden party's we have special windscreen stickers that allow us to park .. they have very few disabled bays available and sadly in London many people use blue badges illegally, don't forget if the car is exempt from the vehicle excise duty it cant be clamped or removed that's if the wardens have access to the ANPR as many cars like our no longer have a tax disk to display which indicated tax exempt ...
Don't pay: write to ask for further details and they will put the 50% on hold until they have resolved the complaint.
I have got 3 parking fines over the last 5 years, in Cambs and Lincs, one for parking in a car park but not in a marked space although not causing an obstruction, all the wide spaces were taken, and twice for forgetting to display the clock. All were technically correct, but I appealed them all. I just wrote a letter in each case explaining what had happened, they were all rescinded. Just be polite and honest.
Why not run an electric car: these are normally provided with free charging places in most town centres, (meaning no parking charges either in many cases) and also are exempt from the London congestion charge. Plus they are really groovy.