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Does anyone know about gout?
My youngest bro came to visit today. He noticed that mum behaves like he did. He was diagnosed with gout years ago. Apparently, women often get ignored with this, but my mum's dad had awful gout, and my mum's youngest sister was diagnosed with it.
He reckons she might have it too. All it takes is a simple blood test.

I'm ringing the doc's surgery tomorrow to get one. According to my bro, IF mum has gout, then all the pain killers in the world won't help. She needs something called Alaputin, or something.
I do hope he's right. Sometimes mum is in so much pain, that even Codine doesn't help.
Sorry, don't know too much about it, but I know when my Brother-in-law has a flare up it totally floors him.
Well worth getting it checked out, good luck xx
Mum & Dad both had gout !

Sajahar - have a look here http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/gout/Pages ... ction.aspx

I think the drug your Brother mentioned is Allopurinol which is commonly used to treat gout.
A gout-appropriate diet can help too. No red meat, and probably v little or no alcohol, and lots of pulses etc.
Got mum a home visit tomorrow regarding possible gout.
A bit of me hopes my bro's right. She's now having to take Codeine which makes her sleep. She's fast asleep right now. I'd rather she was asleep than in pain, but I'd rather she was awake and not in pain.
I checked out website someone (can't remember who, sorry) suggested. Mum never drinks coffee, drinks a small quantity of alcohol just a few times a year (Xmas, etc), otherwise is totally tea total and practically lives on fruit, veggies and eggs.
My bro said his doc said if you have a genetic disposition for gout then changing your diet won't help as it takes about 30 yrs for puric acid to build up, and another 30 to eliminate it.
She's been in a lot of pain over past couple of days, hence all the pain killers and sleeping and it's affecting her appetite. She didn't eat her breakfast this morning... having a right royal whinge! Wish I could stick a scart lead in our heads and I had the pain instead as I'm younger and could take it. Will stop whinging now but sometimes I can't help it. It's so difficult seeing your mum in pain and not being able to do a damn thing about it. I think that, for me, is the most difficult thing about being a carer. That god awful feeling of total helplessness in the face of god knows what.
My husband has gout, On one occasion we were on holiday in turkey and he had a flare up he was in agony, we went to the chemist and we bought diclofenac and it worked , and to this day he's never had another attack, don't know why, and he was prescribed medication which the GP said he had to stay on, but he stopped taking theses years ago ( men being men know best ) hope your mother feels better soon
Diclofenac is an anti-inflammatory. I take it when I get disc problems in my back, but it is only intended to be taken for short periods of time, not long term for chronic conditions.
The doc came Tuesday morning, and I was disappointed she didn’t take a blood test there and then. But she explained that if mum was in middle of a gout attack, a blood test now would probably give a false negative. This is because during an attack purine levels are usually low in the blood steam because it’s been deposited on the joints causing the acute attack in the first place. At least I think that’s what she meant.
So a medic is coming next week to take blood sample.

Even if that comes back negative she wants mum to have an x ray; given mum’s family history of gout. Apparently gout shows up differently on an x ray to other forms of arthritis. The Doc knows full well mum’s aversion to hospitals so wants to wait for results of blood test first. So do I.
I do not relish the prospect of getting mum to hospital, even for just a short while. The last time was a nightmere and a half!
Mum’s much better today. If she does have gout, then the attack must be passing. Or maybe the slight change to mum’s painkillers is helping; she actually slept last night, which meant I could too.
It’s only just occurred to me that maybe I should get tested too? Except I have no symptoms whatsoever.
Does anyone know if it’s possible to have a home visit for X rays? I shouldn’t think so. The doc didn’t mention it, and I didn’t ask.
I’ll ask the medic when he/she comes… you never know!
P.S. I also forgot to ask doc about diflocan... bugger!
Mum was in so much pain yesterday morning that it was obvious that her paracetamol/codine mix were doing nothing. I went to the chemist and had long talk with pharmacist about mum. He recommended Voltarol, which is diflocen, but to wait 6 hours after last giving her usual medication, and only 2 x 2 tables max for the remainder of the day; then I give her a max of 6 the next day, and on Monday. Crocus is right, it is for short-term use only.
But bugger me, they worked! About half an hour after taking them mum started watching Columbo with interest, joining in with dad's and mine running commentary about Columbo's peskiness, and she wanted some fruit and cheese to eat too.
When I asked her how her leg was, she looked at with a puzzled expression on her face saying it was fine. It was as though she had forgotten she'd been in pain with it in the first place!
Today I gave her two Voltarol as soon as she was up, and 40 minutes later she wolfed her breakfast down with gusto! That hasn't happened ever since her pain attack started.
Shame she can only be on them for 3 days. Goodness knows what will happen on Tuesday. I'll face that when it happens. Mum's contentedly reading the newspaper and munching her way through the Turkish Delight (Yuk!) squares I got her.