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Positive Affirmations work for me! - Carers UK Forum

Positive Affirmations work for me!

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Hi I have found that changing a negative thought to a positive one by using affirmations works for me.Heres how to do it: think of something negative you feel about yourself, e.g Im not confident and then change that to a positive thought, i.e. I am a confident person.Start by writing this out ten times every night and try to believe it. Dont worry if you forget,just say it to yourself instead when you remember.After 21 days your mindset will have changed.I know youre thinking shes nuts right now but please give it a try, it works so well for me.What have you got to lose? Let me know how it goes! Take care of yourself as you need to be strong for the person/persons you care for.
hey, I don't think you are nuts!!! I think you have shown how caring and generous you are!
Thanks, my friends say that about me too, and I had a long struggle trying to come to terms with being a carer so hope maybe I can help others
I wrote my affirmation on a sticky label, well, several sticky labels and put them were I would see them often during the day - computer monitor, steering wheel of my car, the fridge. ?.
Thats even better than writing them out at night! Stick with it, I done this a few months ago and it really worked well. Had to do it again recently when I felt a bit low, and now feeling so much better
No amount of affirmation is gonna make my son get up out of his wheelchair and walk or grow my non existent toes back! Sorry don't beleive in psycobabble - good luck to anyone for whom this works.

Nobody said it would, but it can help make it easier to deal with
I too, am sceptical of psychobabble, but can see why this might be worth a try, to dislodge negative thought patterns. It sounds like a kind of DIY form of cognitive behavioural therapy. Thanks for sharing, I might give it a shot... nothing to lose by trying! Image
No amount of positive thinking is going to change my husbands conditions either, neither are curable in his case. I am a positive person mostly but when the going gets tough the affirmations kick in and help me to cope better. I have some health problems of my own, but dont dwell on them, just try to do the best I can. The only way to decide if this is going to work is for you to give it a try and have an open mind.Just a suggestion, and we are all different, have different ways of coping.
My way of coping is not to think too much and just get on with it. As I see it in life you have 2 choices you get on with it or you give up. If we give up who will help our son? I had a motto which helped me through University at the same time as helping my husband with the caring - it was on a nail file of all things and it was the same one the Apollo astronauts used - 'Failure is not an option'. I am also a Star Trek (I know its not real lol) fan and try to follow the Vulcan way of mastering my emotions as much as possible. I think of them as a big ball and I have a plate on the top of that ball and I am pushing the plate down maintaining control. If the DMD finally gets my son (which it will do eventually he is living on borrowed time as it is) then I will have tome to fall apart - I can't afford to just now so I don't.