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new rugged laptop advice

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My laptop is packing up due to heavy use from my son and daughter, already i have gone through 2 desktops and now the laptop is folding, charging lead going, the yellow earth lead split and their is a split in the casing, also a coffee spill, does anyone now of anything that will take a bit more punishment, that has the dual use of me also being able to use it ?
Thanks for any answers.
if cost is not too much of an issue - I'd suggest a desktop for the kids and a separate laptop for yourself Image

You could probably pick up both on ebay for the price of one elsewhere.
there is a Dell thats issued to the army but its about £1000 , id do the ebay thing, amy has a £40 compaq and its good that she uses,, matt got memine off a friend (im sure its hooky!) and the girls have ebay bargans. ont he understanding they break it they have to save for a new one
I think i will try for a reconditioned ex military or similar, its just no use getting another ordinary, its like throwing money away, i will look into the Dell though as a toughbook is about 1,800

Just looked at the Dell, its out of my reach at 2,600 but thanks anyway
I have a Panasonic toughbook for work use only, and it is absolutely amazing - built to survive a nuclear attack.
I bought my daughter a £600 Gateway laptop three years ago and it is constantly broken - the power supply is dire, always overheating.
You get what you pay for, but if it were my own money I would go for one of these cheap, throwaway mini-notebooks and take my chances.
If your old laptop is packing up, it might be worth finding a local computer repairman to stick a new hard drive in it total cost about £50.

This will be much cheaper then buying a new one. You could even ask him to build you a cheap pc for your kids. I'm sure he will be able to do a decent quality low spec PC for £150. Using all second hand parts.