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Portable Hoists

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As the OH is now heavier and I am probably weaker lifting her when we venture away from home is becoming more of an issue. What we would ideally like is some form of mechanical or electrical hoist that will fold down into a box so that we put it in the car and then assemble it in a hotel or friends house over the bed.

We did put this query on my recent carers assesment but the OT's were not aware of anything and suggested we try and hire a hoist at our destination. I suspect they have never attempted anything of this nature as my experience of trying to hire an electric wheelchair was futile and expensive.

If anyone has seen something like this please let me know.
I am not sure if this is suitable or what you are looking for but the Oxford Stowaway 140 Disabled Mobility Hoist folds down is supposed to be portable, I found it at the bottom of this page:

http://www.jacksonsleisure.co.uk/disabi ... /lifts.htm

The prices are a bit Image .
Many thanks for the research, the price is quite breath taking but unfortunatley the folded size is the problem in that most of the car is taken up with the electric chair so I think it would be a choice of this or clothes!
I suppose that you could go on naturist holidays Image ?
Try and google Molift Smart - this is a good mobile hoist that folds to take up very little room in the car. It is pricy, but less than the Oxford - about £2000

also - swifttech swift lifter - though looks a bit bigger folded.
also - birdie compact folding hoist £931

(pre vat prices)
Thanks Littlerachet the molift looks like it could fit the bill now we have to save the pennies
It might be worth checking whether you can get a charitable grant towards or to cover the whole cost, if you were in the armed forces SSAFA is very good at accessing grants otherwise Turn2Us is a useful place to look for grants: