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Hi everyone
Just a bit of advice for anyone who is hesitant about taking Power of Attorney for loved ones. Please don't hesitate. As some of you know I've had to go down the Court of Protection route as hubby's dementia came on very quickly. Have the certificates now. It's not ended though. Even more money to pay out. Someone from the guardianship office, contacting me next week to discuss with me the ins and outs. At a cost and it's not just a few pounds. I had no choice. If you have a choice it's much easier and far less intrusive to go for POA.
Thanks Pet, and its so good of you to think of others when you have so much to deal with
Had an email from the Court of Protection office. They are satisfied with my handling of hubby's account, and do not require anything else from me this year. Thank goodness. The cost of all this would have paid for my much needed refurbishment bathroom!