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Clothing question

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One of the things I struggle with to some extent is getting my wife's trousers on and off when necessary, It's easier with a carers assistance but they're not always here when you need them. Just to clarify, they are being removed/replaced whilst she's on her bed.

I've complained for a long time that they are too tight, but in reality they do fit OK and are not particularly tight styles,(afaik). She's a normal size 12, but her buttocks do stick out a bit which is where most of the problems occur.

After some determined opposition I did eventually get her to wear a skirt a few times when she could still stand but needed help getting her knickers back up again after a toilet visit. We tried a skirt recently and it was worse than trousers now that she's less mobile than she was.

Would I be right in thinking that buying trousers a size larger than usual will facilitate their removal (and also the return journey) or isn't it as simple as that? Would going up two sizes be better, or is that too much?

One size larger is not going to make much difference to their appearance when sat in a wheelchair and they're not going to fall down as she walks cos she can't and doesn't.
Two suggestions Alexander - have you tried jogging bottoms ? They're usually a looser fit than ordinary trousers and the material is soft and comfortable to wear for long periods of sitting. My Mum loved hers and hardly wore anything else.! Marks and Spencers do some that actually look quite 'smart'. These are the ones I mean http://www.marksandspencer.com/cotton-r ... dpredirect
MandS Joggers.jpg
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Secondly - if you decide to buy a size larger in standard trousers - don't tell the wife what size you've bought ! Any lady who is a size 12 would be horrified to find herself wearing a size 16 - it would be a huge blow to her self confidence :shock: If you do decide to go with the M & S ones I'd suggest buying a size 12 and a size 14 to see which is the better fit for her (you can always return/refund the ones that aren't suitable)
Are you buying elasticated waistband trousers?
I went into Cotton Traders recently, one size fitted me well, but I didn't like the fabric, the next size up wasn't quite as good, and the next size up again was tighter than those supposedly 4" smaller!!
My favourites currently are made by Dash and they call them "jeggings". I have a pair a size larger than I usually wear especially for when I'm sat for long periods in airports and planes. (I have a large scar right across my stomach that doesn't appreciate me sitting for long periods). There is no separate waistband, they are gently elasticated and super stretchy fabric which washes well. The large department store near you beginning with Bra....(I worked there long ago) usually has them in stock, and it wouldn't be too far to go if you needed to change them.
Jogging bottoms received a favourable response, so we might have to give those a try, my main reservation with that type of trouser is that there may be too much give in the material. Most of her trousers are in the nature of jeans (although not usually denim) but you can give a good yank on them and it is all transmitted to the material rather than half of the effort going into stretching the material.

I'll take a look at the Jeggings in Bra****** some time soon, wife says she's heard of them but doesn't know what they are.

Cool and hip we are not! :lol:

I do know she won't care what actual size they are so long as they do the trick and are comfortable.
Alexander Jeggings are a cross between jeans and leggings so are close fitting and are probably not suitable for your wife where your main concern is 'ease' of getting them on and off. (I tried some on the other week but gave up when I could only get them up halfway !!!!!!!!!!!!!)