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about a possible wetroom

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I applied for a grant for a wetroom conversion (knowing that I wouldn't get one). I didn't, but all I really wanted initially was a feasibility study, I did write that on the form but it was ignored.

During a visit from our appointed LA OT specialist recently she suggested that a financial assessment should go ahead and may turn up something we were missing out on, and it was also a way to have a surveyor look at the bathroom, (without us actually paying for that).

I agreed to go along with that, and also agreed during a subsequent phone call that any work would be done by one of their contractors.

This morning in the post I received a form to sign relating to this which included a few *tick boxes* for me to fill in.

i read the first one and immediately thought, "I can't sign that, it's just not true" The second item was no better, the third and fourth tick box I could probably agree with.

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wetroom-crop modified.jpg
Now bear in mind, nothing has been discussed in any detail, just the notion of having something done.

So how can it possibly be "adequate to my needs" and how can there be "written information about the proposed adaption"?

The assessment is next Tuesday so I doubt they expect this form back before then, but I'm definitely not signing it as it stands.
Make a Subject Access Request to the Social Services Information Officer at County HQ.
Thanks bb, you're a mine of information.

I'll keep that option in mind, but I'll wait and see what happens first on Tuesday as it's not so far away.

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