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poa and opening new accounts - Carers UK Forum

poa and opening new accounts

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Hi, I haven't posted for a while. As mentioned before I look after my mum who I have poa for financial and health. Her husband (ie not my father who died 42 years ago), died Xmas time. I was the executor with everything going to mum.When mum received the inheritance from the solicitor last month, I had to open new bank accounts on her behalf in her name, as it would have taken her over the £85000 fcsc compensation scheme. Her banks have already registered the poa. Trying to open an account elsewhere in her name where we don't bank was virtually impossible , even with the correct id (I used to work for a bank for 28years). Eventually I opened an account with the NS & I (national savings and investments). It made me wonder if poa is all what it is cracked up to be. The health one is extremely useful, the financial is ok for where the donor already banks, but elsewhere? Cheerios, be careful its hot out there.
It sounds more like a problem with the banks, rather than with the POA. Banking systems probably not had a computer process written in algorithms to cope with this. Oh for the days when one could pop in to see the Bank manager with forms in hand and it was sorted on a handshake.

Thanks for the heads up
My son has severe learning difficulties, I am his DWP appointee. They insist the benefits are paid to me, in an account with my name, as I'm ultimately responsible. Why don't you just open an account in your name, calling it something like Attorney Account?
I had PoA for Mum and didn't have any difficulty in opening accounts in her name - I remember two in particular; one with the Halifax and one with the Chelsea Building Society - both were quite straightforward to set up.

They just needed my ID and a certified copy of the PoA.