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Just had another google and found this web site

Sounds like your wife to be is doing well if she is exercising and loosing weight- inspiration to us all. Just ignore everyone else, not really any of their business.
thank you i will have a look at that one. i bought her and oversized checkered shirt dress, and a long purple skirt so far. i hope she likes them.
"Yours" appears to be the new Evans, which has been closing down branches. Here is a useful link. There are many branches; is there one near you?

And you can try on before you buy; at least the branch near us has a fitting room.
Slightly irrelevant, but I remember years ago being in Evans (sigh) (as in, even Wallis' generous sizings weren't enough for me then!), and being struck by a couple of pretty burly looking blokes in their, apparently without any wives or girlfriends in tow.

It was only afterwards that I realised they were probably cross-dressers (or whatever the PC term is these days!). Thinking about it, when you have a burly male physique, you ain't gonna fit into a size 10 sequinned evening gown!!!

(Hmm, I wonder where Mrs Brown buys her frocks from?!)
Peacocks clothes can be very good. I used to like one particular style of jumper. Liked to have a variety of colours. I bought some in John Lewis, some in Peacocks, and the Peacocks jumpers washed better!
This is an excellent time to go shopping, lots of bargains in the sales.
One good thing (well, if you can call it good!) is that because of the soaring rates of obesity in the UK, more 'mainstream' labels are having to add plus sizes, as we are simply 'running out' of slim folk (sigh).

Putting it bluntly, if labels don't have anything to sell to the obese, then they won't have anyone much to sell to at all!

It seems so deeply ironic (and obviously hugely unhealthy), that the entire population of the UK now seems to divide between stick-thin size zeroes and fatties like me! (sigh again)

Whatever happened to the 'fit and fab' (of whom I used to be one...)(even more sighs...)(I know the answer to where my 'fit and fab' went - it disappeared into a deep, deep well of cream cakes and pasta.....)
my wife loves your but sadly our finances dont love yours....... skirt and top in the sale £57......

ive shopped on line for her but so many items turn up and arent a "true" size 24/22/20 so then i have to watch as she thinks she has put on weight and gets upset. (Plus getting refunds can be a nightmare.)

We have a peacocks where we live but the size 20s dont fit her bottom half and can be tight on the top.

we only have peacocks in town.

its a real issue ive found with a lot of ladies in this town not being able to shop. and as for mens clothes........ forget it there is nothing.

i had to go 45 minuets on the bus to buy pants.........

not helpful
David - do the websites not have a page somewhere giving the 'actual dimensions' of their clothes sizes? eg, somewhere surely it should say 'Size 12 fits women with 34 inch waists and 36 inch hips' (or whatever- I've forgotten how they 'map' now)

The one thing that is 'true' is your wife's ACTUAL size, ie, in inches and centimetres (centimetres always sound horrendous, as there are so many more of them to the inch!.

As others are saying, refunds should NOT be a pain - except to repack and repost the unwanted items. That IS a pain.

PS -I agree the price of new clothes is shocking! I'm a real 'charity-shopper'! I get miffed spending more than a fiver on any garment these days! (Mind you, I bought my 'best black skirt' which is Jaeger, for a tenner - well worth it!)
There is also the following : All items £5 Stocks changes daily They are an offshoot of Simplybe Curvissa etc but sell items at reduced price ... rrency=GBP


George at Asda

Going forward you could also check whether there are any Clothes swap for larger/ Fat positive people. I'm aware of those held in SE London, Leeds, Sheffield and usually run quarterly. If not they are fairly easy to set up or on a smaller scale amongst friends relatives etc.
thank you. i will keep looking at investigate all of the ideas suggested. thank you everyone.