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'Good Morning, Good Morning', the Orderly said
As he took round the bottles and pulled the sheets back.
'He's a cheery old cove', said Harry to Jack.

But he did for them both as he lit another fag.

(Apologies to S Sassoon, The General)

Secondary Smoking Can Seriously Damage Your Health.
Norman-- you just don't know when to quit do you??-every body else was happy to let the locked thread go -but not you!!
You've already turned one newby away from the board-and not for the first time- you don't seem to be able to accept that not everybody agrees with you.

Allowing Norman to say anything he likes can seriopusly damage your membership!!
Hi Ken Nuff said
Hi Norman
Please stop this now.
There is no need to pursue your campaign on smoking you have made your thoughts known Enough.
I too am a none smoker but that's my right i don't like smoking but I used to get my mother in law's smoke's for her she would smoke 200 woodbine's a week. that was her pleasure not mine.
So please don't tell me I helped to kill her if i had not got them for her someone else would have.
This topic is geting too personal. The thread on smoking was locked for the same reason. I'm locking this thread and appeal for restraint and calm.