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Planning trip to Northern Lights for Caree - Carers UK Forum

Planning trip to Northern Lights for Caree

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Hello All,
I'm hoping to plan a trip for my caree for a milestone birthday,with me and possibly one other to see the Northern Lights. Caree is severely physically disabled and powered chair dependent/hoist/hospital bed. I've got a couple of years to save up but have never attempted anything like this before and would be grateful for any advice on best travel companies etc. Thank you x
There is so much to consider and hopefully someone with real experience will come along with some advice.

There are several companies that advertise as being specialists for anyone with disabilities wanting to go away. Most have further information on their websites. You could also speak with local travel agents to see what they can advise.

Some companies that deal with cruises do the Northern Lights too, but whether they can meet your needs I don't know. Again contact them directly.

If you are wanting to fly, each airline have different regulations and vital you cover any issues ahead of booking anything.

x x
Hi there Farmer
I know some of the big cruise ships are good for wheelchair access, but I've only seen them in the States where there was level access to the shore terminal. I don't know if they have hospital beds and hoists. Might be worth checking out tho. If cruising check out ports of call for access too, some is by small boat (tenders)

Hope you find something. Do let us know
This is not a recommendation but may be helpful in your search.

This company have been rated very highly on Tripadvisor
https://icelandunlimited.is/category/to ... le-travel/

You can email them via this link

They also have a facebook page if you are on there

After speaking with a couple of members of our local Astronomy Society , actually viewing the Northern Lights is hit and miss unless one can travel at short notice in line with reports on such sites as Heavens Above / Astronomy Now or the main Icelandic / Norwegian news sites.

Northern Scotland would be another location , but visibility is less than a more northernly location. A flight from the UK in anticipation of a good display would definately be a gamble.

One member has been on three flights from the UK to Northern Norway in the past five years. He was lucky on the third flight although the actual display was demned average by other passengers.

Will take careful planning in line with reports on forthcoming displays. Even then , success is not guaranteed.

Treat the Northern Lights as one would the weather.

Changeable by the hour.

Obviously , staying at a northern location for a few days or more would increase the chances.
I believe that Iceland is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights.

Mt sister has booked a 4 day trip there at the beginning of March as that is reported to be the nest time of year to see them. I'll report on her success, or lack of when she gets back (if I remember !):)
Susie is correct.

A photo from December posted on the main Icelandic news site.


Many more available.

The capital city , Reykjavík , was the ideal setting when the authorities turned the lights off one December evening to allow the locals to enjoy an exceptional display.

If , like me , whales are also of interest , there are several excursions available from Icelandic travel agents to combine the two.

A short video of humpbacks basking under the northern lights in Northern Norway.

Thank you all, will keep you posted x
Wow that sounds amazing. I may keep a sneaky peak at this thread as I've not taken bro abroad since he's been in a wheelchair. I do hear that cruises can be pretty fab access wise.
Just returned from a trip with my wife to see the lights in Noway with hirtegruten cruises, she's a power chair user, found so many things that we'd do differently if we ever get the chance to do it again. Btw we saw the lights on three consecutive nights.