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Does anyone know if there is a place to get a computer or if a grant is available my son spends a lot of time the computer but its on its last legs . I have managed over the years to change the screen as he plays his xbox but that to is now broke , changed the keyboard so only need a better tower running on 98se we have had it about 15 years
It may depend on your son's disability. My husband has been supported in getting computer equipment in the past, due to being visually impaired. But I doubt whether there is a department that would help my son, who has Downs Syndrome, to get computer equipment. Perhaps you could get in touch with Social services, and ask.

Good luck.
Most areas have a computer recycling scheme - it's worth having a look. Also, how old is your son? It may make a difference to the type of help you could access.
You could try the Make A Wish Foundation My parents did that a few years ago to get a computer for my brother and they got us one.
When my son was at school his first computer was bought for him by the Aidis Trust (that was about 10 years or so ago and I can't remember the contact details but you should be able to google for it.

All the best