Zimmere frame, floating !

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My wife uses a Zimmer frame as, having broken her hip a year ago, she is rightly scared of falling over
again at 92.

It is slow progress walking but we have just made a big step forward.

I have called it, Floating !

She makes sure she is well inside the Zimmer area but lifts it slightly off the ground all the time.
In this way she walks normally, but if at any time feels unsteady on her feet she can just plonk the Zimmer down and regain its steadiness. Then goes back to floating.

Reminds me of my FIl who always carried his stick across his body in front of him as if to ward off attackers. It rarely touched the ground. Whenever he met another man with a stick, he'd raise his own and say "Badge of honour too mate" with a huge grin
That sounds like a good way to gently use the arm muscles at the same time- a hidden benefit.