Seeking dog fostering info for friend

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Please can anyone suggest where I could try to get some help for my friend.
She was in a bad car accident a few years ago and has been in and out of hospital. She has recently gone back in for a very complicated hip replacement and it got infected so they had to remove the hip and put her on anti biotics for six weeks. They won't know if this has worked until the end and then she may need a further long course of ABs before she can have her hip replacement done. All this means she is likely to be hospitalised for 2 months or more.
She has a small dog Patterdale/Border Terrier cross to be neutered on 18th May and currently staying with family who want him gone by 20th May. I need to find a fosterer willing to put some time into post care and obedience training as he is only 12 months old.
I have tried the Cinnamon Trust but my friend does not meet the age criteria as she is in her 50s. Please can anyone suggest an organisation who may be able to help.

Many Thanks
Maybe the Dog's Trust could help ?

Or perhaps a local vet could make some suggestions ?

You could also have a look here It's a pet forum (very good actually for all sorts of information) - I know that in the Cat section members are often asking about temporarily re-homing a cat for a few weeks/months so I should think that there is similar in the Dog section.
Many thanks Susie
I will give both a try. :D
Have you any Animal Rescue Charity shops in your district?

Ask them to put an advert in their window.
Thank you Colin- sorry I should have updated- problem now solved- family helping.