Home based work?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.

Does anyone know if there are job sites/agencies that offer home based work?

My husband has frontal lobe dementia and this means I can no longer do the work I used to do as a Programme Manager working all over the country.

I used to be the breadwinner and I'm feeling completely redundant and useless. I'd consider voluntary work but I also need to earn some money as well. He gets ESA and PIP but I don't get anything so it would be good to have a little income. I really need something desk based I can do from my living room.

Any suggestions welcome.
Thanks SunnyDisposition

I'm subscribed to a couple of those already but some of them are new so I'll give those a go as well.

Re the new skills, good idea. My neighbour has alpacas and I'm going to have a go at felting :D

Thanks again.

PS having an interesting evening - the sun is shining so husband's sun downing syndrome is reduced today - hooray :lol: