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Paying for Wipes and Pads etc... - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Paying for Wipes and Pads etc...

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Why are they demanding them and what did they use before? I'm not sure that care workers can demand that we get things if a viable alternative is available.
They used loads and loads of toilet paper and towels - the latter which caused endless washing!
I have given them washable flannels, but again this produces a great deal of washing, and with no tumble drier the drying takes forever.
maybe to say they have demanded them is not quite right - but every night I am being asked if I have any more wet wipes and paper towels.
I use kitchen roll for the purpose I think that you are referring to and Simple soap and flush it away, it's also much more hygienic. Perhaps if you don't have to pay for something you are less careful not to use more than you need to?

Have you thought, if the NHS won't supply them, of trying to get a cash-and-carry card and buying in bulk, I've used the baby nappy wipes in the past, you may already know someone who has a card. Or if you are near a market you may be able to buy them much more cheaply there. I've recently bought disposable latex gloves from our pharmacy but when he was alive my father used to buy them for me from my parent's local market, they live in a market town, and they were less than half the price, my mother brought a box up to me at Christmas and they are still very much cheaper than buying them elsewhere.

We really shouldn't be expected to fund these things, DLA and AA simply don't cover the cost especially when you are already using them for day centre attendance, additional transport costs and other disability-related expenses. When I looked at the cost of the pads my husband now needs I realised that we simply couldn't afford them along with everything else, the DNs have persuaded the PCT to fund them as the ones we need aren't normally available but there must be many people in this area like me who have been trying to deal with the problem I've been dealing with and have been refused adequate pads, we shouldn't have to plead or fight for these things.
Had to stop them using kitchen roll as carers repeatedly flushed it down loo, which then kept on blocking up!
Yes, it is frustrating to have to keep pushing and fighting all the time.
I've just about had enough over the past year, and now the elecrtic bed has been broken since before Xmas, god knows when that will be replaced!
It all makes you feel very small and insignificant
I'm still paying for pants and wipes. I tend to buy baby wipes in bulk when they are on special offer - Boots do 3 packs of wipes for £3.00 normally and I buy their nappy bags to dispose of the pants. Supermarket home brands are quite cheap and are adequate too.
You do have to keep flushing, I've blocked the loo a couple of times, all you need when you are elbow deep in the proverbial Image . And I find that the baby wipes are only suitable when it isn't too bad, you still need soap and water most of of the time.

I know what you mean, izzywizz, about being made to feel that you are small and insignificant, we have the ICT in at the moment, half an hour rehab, the most we had was an hour a day, and I do the rest, this is the second time we've had them and each time there have been occasions when they've left me feeling as though I don't actually exist. You have to laugh at the absurdity of it, you have taken on responsibility for another person's welfare and in doing so saved the taxpayer vast amounts of money and yet you have no rights and any needs you may have or restrictions on your capacity to care are ignored, what a life!
try asking HV for conti wipes they are about 12x12 but are dry and all we do is have a basin of water and soap handy ,we place them in the same carrier bag as used pad then into clinical waste bin.