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Paying for Wipes and Pads etc... - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Paying for Wipes and Pads etc...

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Hi, any surplus pads can be handed into the local second hand shop here - maybe an option? Image
Yet again it sooo depends where you live, no bed pads available here only pads to wear!

District nurses are very nice and deliveries are every 4 weeks!

marie x
I've had an ask around, district nurses, local care homes etc and nobody seems to want them. It seems a shame when there are people out there who can't get them or have to pay.
It seems ridiculous that no-one wants them, I would have thought a care home would be very grateful. I have a very rude and unhelpfull District Nurse who I spoke to again yesterday about pants, wipes etc and she says that someone will ring me, but Mum will still have to be assessed and the process will take months as there is a waiting list. It makes me so mad and it doesn't help that she is so rude about it all. Arrrgh Image I won't give up though.
Hi Karen

Our local hospice charity shop will take un-opened packs for resale in their shop - I've actually picked some up for my Mum this way.

Thanks susieq, I'll give our local hospice charity shop a ring.
Karen x
In cojunction with wipes and pads lets not forget yellow disposal bags or all will go to landfill not an eco worrier but concerned about health risk to workers. Image
my hubby gets his pads from local hospital incontinence nurse free delivery and u dont have to pay for pads on NHS we get them from NHS delivered free of charge. They will even give u samples to try xx hope that helps. Ring ur local hospital to ask to see incontinence nurse. Cavlon cream hubby gets also form his incontinence nurse it stops rashes and sores. Ganga rol is another for faecal incintinence to out into the pads for comfort and hygeine these r also free xxx Image Image
Thank you everyone for your good advice. I find it very surprising that some people are paying out so much and it all depends on how helpful professionals are or what advice is available! It would be so much easier if carers, who are saving the government millions of pounds, automatically were entitled to free disposables nationwide.
cavlon cream is what we use 4 my disabled husbands. Wow it stops his skin hurting n getting nappy rashes it so so genlte and wonderful on his skin
I have tried to get wet wipes for my husband, as his evening carers are demanding them.
First stop DN - was politely told, oh no, we have never given those out.
Next stop GP: again, oh no I don't think we can supply them, why do you want them?
I have to stress, my husband has been with them for over 15 years and is well known to them.
So, it looks like it will be me forking out for the wipes, as usual.