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Paying for Wipes and Pads etc... - Carers UK Forum

Paying for Wipes and Pads etc...

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Please can someone help advise me. My friend cares for his immobile wife who has MS. She receives lots of home care from a very good agency. The care is funded through Direct Payments. Now, the agency are supplying gloves and aprons but they do not provide any other consumables. My friend is supplying and paying for wipes, barrier creams and other consumables. My question is... does he have to provide these items? Can he claim the money back from anywhere? Do Adult Care Services provide these things?

Barrier cream and pads should be available via his wife's GP surgery, the District Nurses here assess the need for continence pads and they're supplied directly to the door, the barrier cream, Sudocream for example, should be available on prescription but it might be cheaper if they pay for prescriptions to buy it over the counter, the DN's should be able to deal with this. I'd advise them to ask for a continence assessment. It might vary in that you may have a dedicated continence adviser rather than the DNs carrying out the assessment but they certainly shouldn't be paying for pads. I'm not sure about the wipes, perhaps someone else can answer this one.
I have never been able to get wipes provided, but buy the cheap ones in LIDL which are about 89pence for 80. When Tesco has the buy two get one free offer, or three for £2 then I stock up big time as they have sooooooooooo many uses.

Semi-chem usually stock Cuticura hand cleaning gel at 99pence, which is half the price in the chemist and a tiny little bit goes such a long way. Fresh cucumbery smell. Less harsh that the hand gel the hospital provide, and does the same job.

Take care
hi there,

my son is doubley incontinent and 34 year old so have 30 years experience of getting pads cream and wipes

the pads are ordered from the contience nurse, who places an order that is delivered to the door once every 2 months.

the cream on prescription

and the wipes are from community district nurse at the health centre.
the best i have found are CONTI wipes they are about 10x12 inches so are a great size they are dry unlike the small baby ones, but are really strong when wet and nice and soft.

when they are not available due to underordering at HC they substitute with CONTI washclothes there are still 100 in the pack but they are not as soft but the same size

protective gloves and aprons can also be got from the HC

thats how it is in west lothian anyway

Conti wipes, rolls of blue paper towels, protective gloves are all available free from the district nurses. Other things like protective cream, KY jelly, enemas etc should be on a repeat prescription. Things like protective bed pads, well we have 3, thick washable ones which are replaced every three years or so (yes, they are really that good), are also available via the DNs. Other things such as the temporary incontinence bed sheets are, as others said, sent via the post in two or three monthly supplies. If in doubt about anything at all, ask your District Nurse or the incontinence nurse. If your loved one or yourself is in need of all these incontinence products, you SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE PAYING OR BUYING THEM YOURSELF FROM THE SUPERMARKET.
It seems that this varies from region to region. My Mum is bedbound and I have to buy incontinence pants, wipes and creams for her which currently cost me £50 - £60 a week. I have asked the DN who comes once a week (to take Mum's INR) and she has told me that I have to fill out an assessment form for a week, measuring Mum's 'waste' each time and then in 12 weeks they will assess it again and possibly provide 1/3 of Mum's needs dependant on how bad they think she is. They are not the nicest people to deal with. I have refused to do it as I have enough stress without measuring 'waste', but as everyone else seems to be getting these free, I think I will ask for a form and make it up and then maybe in 12 weeks I will at least get something. It makes my blood boil with the things that we have to do to get help. Today I have changed Mum 18 times since 03:20am and changed the bedding 5 times - I do not need to be measuring 'waste' aswell. I even have to buy the matress protector sheets at £20.00 a time. I am also going to put a call into our GP to see about getting cream and wipes on prescirption - its worth a try. Image Image Thanks from me for all your advice to Gloria.
Talk to your GP about incontinence pads, too, Bluebird. You never know, you might get a different answer...
Thanks Charles I will, you often get different answers on different days don't you... I'll let you know how I get on.
Nan got her incontinence pads delivered to her local doctors surgery every 8 weeks.
I was amazed when sorting through her things in the week I found about 8 packets of pads and nobody seems to want them, they are leaving them for me to get rid of.
Karen x
When mum died the district nurses took back two full packets of pads, but the other assortment were given to the Crossroads carer who had clients in desparate need of extra pads. If I had known that at the time she could have had them all for a good cause.

Perhaps a local care home, or daycare centre would accept them as a donation

Take care