Pay scale for self employed carers?

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Thank you,
The council have a service that offers advise and they have declaired that we should be looking at employing someone rather than a self employee, there would be funds in the budget to do so I think. it seems such a shame but I'm feeling the simple solution is use the agency! It's really gets me though as the staff are paid just over min wage and I would rather pay someone direct and pay a decent wage. I understand the costs involved for the agency I just want to pay someone a decent wage for the job!
Hi again,
It's my understanding that you can use the payroll service to employ someone and them be employed by you - not be self employed. They may work for several employers and care for several people. This wouldn't involve an agency nor would it involve paying agency rates. If you chose to pay them more than the "going rate," that would be your prerogative but you would of course get less hours care from the money allocated via the direct payment.