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Patient Access Info Portal woes - Carers UK Forum

Patient Access Info Portal woes

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Does anyone else here use the NHS ''Patient Access'' website to access test results, book appointments etc?

I've had several problems with key features. Tried sending them a message to get tech support. No answer after a two months.

This morning, I've just found that all of my test results have vanished. Filled out another form for tech support. Not very hopeful.

Very aggravated because I'm currently in a battle with my GP to prove that I need to change meds. My blood test results are integral to my case. I had saved some of them as screenshots, but not all (far too many!).

Anyone else had problems with the website/tech support?

Who to complain to?


Internet search ... NHS PATIENT ACCESS PROBLEMS ... throws up a whole menagerie of links which may be worth exploring.
Tx Chris ;) I was so tired this a.m . I didn't even think of that.

Found this article in a google search:

https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/05/3 ... pp_titsup/

Dated May 2018, it reports that many patients couldn't book appointments with their GP using the app. Well, I've been trying since I joined in June 2018, it's now Sep 2018, and I still cannot book (no replies to my previous message to tech support).

Not being able to book appointments was just the start of it for me. There's a few others too. Losing my entire ''stock'' of blood test results this a.m was the final straw.

I've found that the Patient Access people do have a Twitter account though.....
Looks like I'm going to have to sign up with ''Twatter'' to push my complaint to them. The tech support form appears to do absolutely NOTHING.
Par for the course in CarerLand.

Our time zones never match those in the outside world.

Nor does the weather ... continuing grey skies ... even the sun is on a prepayment meter ?
Hi Chris ;)

Is it gloomy where you are? It's sunny round my way. Hope it spreads to you soon :)

Re-Patient Access tech support:
I got a response from support. My first ever. But, to cut a long story short, it made no sense. Then they sent me an activation code via SMS. Well I don't need one. My account has been activated for months. Emailed them back saying that I'm confused (baffled more like it, lol).
Gloomy ?

Come end of October , only two hours of visible sun until early March ... I face west / south / west ... buildings account for 80% blockage ... small window facing north ... handy for seeing arctic weather in advance ?

Yes it is a bit dark where I am too. I live in a geographical ''dip'', surrounded by other buildings and trees. But it really was sunny here yesterday. I swear!
Must have more coins for that prepayment meter on your manor than we have in the Worksop gulag ?
Re-more coins on the prepayment meter..... Well I definitely did yesterday...... I do know what you mean about living in a dark flat/house though. Mine get's me down in the winter. I did try using a cheap SAD lamp, but, have to admit after a while it began to feel as if it was singeing my eyeballs, so I stopped :pinch:

Update on NHS Patient Access tech support. No more replies. They've gone dead on me.

Too busy to chase them up today.....Got other more urgent medical and shopping to do. Too busy to even nebulise today. Not ideal, but, what ya' gonna do? There's only so long you can sit still when there's jobs to be done...... :shock: I must put some dance music on to rev myself to get out the front door and up the hill :lol:

Have a good afternoon all ;)