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Holiday support/live in parent sitter? - Carers UK Forum

Holiday support/live in parent sitter?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Hope someone can offer some advice? My 87 year old dad lives in our annexe and although relatively fit and well, thankfully, does have a few health issues, prostate, eyes, back surgery last year....
Normally when we go away my sister comes over to house sit and keep an eye on him and help look after our pets. This uses up her holiday from work and is usually only for a week each summer. This year we hope to have a longer 3 week holiday after my daughters GCSEs and I'm struggling to decide what to do about dad. Are there any house/pet sitters who would also keep an eye on a relatively independent old man? He cooks for himself most of the week and has a cleaner, but I don't want to make my sister come over for such a length of time. Any advice appreciated! Thanks x
Hi, this may not be financially possible, but a friend of mine with a live in dad with dementia (he lives in her house directly), gets away on holiday by hiring a live-in carer for the duration. It works well - she also house-sits and feeds the cat! - but it is pricey, about £120 a day.

However, if your dad doesn't need 24x7 care, maybe it would be a lot cheaper??

My friend gets the carers from a local private care agency. It's worked well so far.

Hope you get your holiday - these times are very special, and I'm sure your daughter would love a special holiday to mark the end of important exams.
PS - if your dad doesn't need someone 'on hand' the whole time, could he just do with carers popping by twice a day or so on to check he's OK? And then maybe him having something like a Lifeline emergency call out button for the night times??
Yes, as long as he has a Lifeline you know he should be safe. I'd ask the cook and/or cleaner to work some extra hours as well.
Thanks that's really useful I will look into local carers/ lifeline bits.... Would really like to go away and not have to worry and put extra stress on my sister...x
If you do go down this route, maybe it would be prudent to have the carers come in and chat to your dad beforehand, and maybe even do a couple of 'trial days' so they get to know him, and he them, and what they will or won't need to do, etc etc.

The carers will probably need to have contact details for your sister in case of any emergencies (and so will the Lifeline people???)

Not sure what your set up is, but you might find that your local church or chapel organises informal 'visiting', or any other such 'volunteer' groups?

PS - just to be on the safe side, I would maybe lock away any valuables while you are away!

PPS - and also, check any carer agency does have Public and Personal Liability Insurance, in case the carers fall over and break a leg or whatever while in your/your dad's house! (I think all the reputable agencies do have this automatically, but I would check anyway.)
Thanks Jenny, yes I would certainly do what you suggest if I do go down that route, as I know my dad wouldn't be very happy with total strangers.... All great tips thAnk you!!