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Hi, I'm new to this so please give me some time to get used to it. I have a question about PA's . We are trying to employ a PA for our son, he can transfer from bed to wheelchair, arm chair etc with one person helping and we were wondering what the laws are on this. At present we have a care company coming into the home but there needs to be two of them to transfer because of health and safety issues with the company they work for. We are thinking that a PA would be better for him but if they are still not allowed to transfer him on their own there is not a lot of point in going down that route. Does anyone know what the laws are or if in fact there are any laws.
In my experience, each Care Agency seems to have their own rules on moving people. If you're referring to 'standing transfers' from bed to chair and back, some of the agencies don't allow PA's to do it at all, others do.
The best thing in your case to do, would be to phone a number of Care Agencies who employ PA's and state what you need, what your son can do and ask them what their policy is on this.
If you are looking for a specialist care agency, like one that offers specialist spinal injury training and care (for example), they are more likely to offer this type of transfer for your son on a one-to-one basis.
Suggest you get on to the SS to have an OT carryout a risk assessment which is what we did for our PAs not surprisingly she said there is no need for two people ( after all I have no one to assist myself on the night shift 6 pm to 9 am) the agencies insist that they need two people for Health and Safety reasons but in reality it is just BS to get more money for what is a simple job. Image
If transfers require 2 people and GOOD carer will refuse to do this on their own. If they choose to do it on their own I would not let them over the doorstep. I worked in care for many years and cared for my dad, mum and now my wife so I have many years of experience in care.

If a person takes the risk to do the transfer on their own and there is an accident you would not be able to take any legal action against them as you KNOW that two people should be doing this task!

The moving and handling policy should be the same across the board whether a private agency or social services carers, nurses etc
Transfers require two people and a ceiling hoist in our son's case. Its not just for he protection of the staff - its for his health and safety as well - what would happen if one person dropped him? It's too dangerous.