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non slip flooring

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Hi everyone
anybody got any tips for cleaning non slip flooring in my hubbie's bathroom. We only had it built last year and I can't seem to get the wheelchair marks off the floor. Its that kind of bubbly surface and it tears all mops to shreds. About the only thing that works is a scrubbing brush, but that does my back in and the bathroom ends up swimming!
Hi Izzy

I havn't got the same floor as you but I know the one you mean as my Granny has one. I would clean it with hard brisk brush (with long handle) got it from Asda and then wipe it with soft mop. Though my Granny only has her there so doesn't get alot of traffic, hopefully others might come up with more tips as they are pretty common nonslip flooring.

Take care
M x
asked my boyfriends brother (as he sometimes fits them) and he said a yard broom from wicks and shower it off when u have finished scrubbing
unfortunately we have had problems with this flooring as it has been very badly fitted (the extension was done throughSS!) and the general opinion now is that it has to be refitted.....which may help with the cleaning as then the water may run down the plug hole as opposed to out the door!!
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shame matts broher didnt do it-- perfectionist that man is!
he gets annoyed with the funds his given to do it sometimes and gets materials out of his own pocket

so more up heaval for u--- not good enough is it really
We've installed the heskins non slip flooring onto my grandmothers kitchen and bathroom floors and we're very impressed. Would recommend.
We found the same problem with the wet room we had through the council. It was never clean and when I mopped it, the dirt that came off was disgusting. I think the non-stick element helps to attract dirt.
We complained. I pointed out the high maintainance and also the fact that it was unhygenic. I also looked for any bumps and argued that it is no good with the shower chair. Eventually they gave in and the whole lot came up. I spent ages searching for non-slip or anti-slip tiles. Eventually I found some in a standard shop. They are textured like slate and I have the mosaic variety in the shower area for added safety and they are perfect. The council paid for the floor to be refitted with the tiles and I paid the difference between the original flooring cost and the tiles.
A good website for floor tiles is wallsandfloors.co.uk
hi there,

i bought a long handled brush from asda for £2 it has hard bristles i spray the floor with flash leave it for 10 mins go back scrub it then rinse with the shower head brushing towards the drain. great result each time.
i need to do regular as garry is doubly incontinent and sometimes he gets so relaxed in it that he has an accident.

I have found the only solution is a long handled scrubbing brush and bleach solution once a week I use disinfectant on local problems in between time.