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As my Mum has zero mobility, I have found it very difficult to wash her hair on my own whilst she is in bed.

However, I have come accross No Rinse shampoo and tried it today for the first time. Its brilliant Image Basically no water is needed and at least it washes the hair unlike dry shampoo. You just squirt the shampoo onto dry hair and lather it in, rub it off with a towell and then dry with a hairdryer as normal.
You can also buy other products just google 'no rinse' and have a look.
It's fab and easy to use:!:
Apologies if I am slow on the uptake and you've all been using it for years Image
that sounds great Bluebird - don't need it yet but it's going into my 'useful tips' notebook in case it's needed later Image
New to me too, will pass on the info to wife as she often struggles to get her mother into the bath.

i lookrd at that site blue.did you buy online or phone that 0844 number and is 0844 a local or high rate number???bill
thanks for the info. Just what I need sometimes for my daughter, I shall be trying some out very soon. Image Image
Just thought I would tell you all, that my Mums hair looks fab today so it really is good and I will be buying more. Its not cheap, but it should last a while.
Bill, I bought it online.

Glad the info was of use to some of you,
Bluebird Image
hey blue we working all over the show Image Image
hey blue we working all over the show Image Image
Yes sorry Bill, I was reading your pms before looking at the thread Image

Catch you later