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nightshirts or hospital type gowns

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my husband isn't always able to stand long enough to get his pants and trousers down, so he ends up having a bowel accident before I can transfer him from recliner to commode. (he has a catheter for urine) - what's the best thing for him to wear in these circumstances and without feeling cold or embarrased?
Not sure if this is helpful, Anne, but my brother wears very long thick t-shirts, so effectively a kind of nightshirt. But he can't manage jogging pants anyway, so he doesn't wear them except for hospital visits. (He can't actually get to a commode either, but you didn't want to know that!)
Hi Anne, That's not very good for either of you. Have you contacted your local continence clinic? Your husband should be able to have continence pants on prescription. They should rip or undo at the sides. So you could transfer him towards the commode, drop his trousers and if he has not been able to wait, the pants will contain the waste. You can rip them off, pop them in a plastic bag, sit him down to finish and then clean up as normal but without the washing of 'normal' pants or trauma of a big mess. If hubbie will wear them, (no-one could possibly tell), it would save you both from stress. Look up 'male incontinence products' on the web to see the kind of thing available. If you can't find a local clinic then ask your GP. If you find that clinic then someone will come out to interview you to check requirements and you will get supplies delivered, on prescription as I said. When you are getting low you call the suppliers and ask for another delivery. Well, that's how it works where I live anyway. Hope that helps. Elaine.
no I haven't contacted my local continence clinic - I didn't know one existed. I will look into this. The problem with using continence pants is that if he can't stand for long enough (or on a bad day he might not be able to stand at all!) I can't help support his weight on transfer AND remove any clothing while getting him out of his chair and onto the commode. Long vests or t-shirts might be more helpful. Thank you both for your suggestions.
Of course those pants would be ideal for our situation but they don't make them in my brother's size. The NHS supply pads, which aren't quite right either but a lot better than nothing. We have to phone NHS Supply Chain (whatever that is) every 12 weeks, no matter whether we have run out or not.
About the continence clinic - we did see someone. But it took a year to locate them, and district nurses, GP etc. all denied that a continence nurse existed or said it's another name for a particular district nurse, but it wasn't. Eventually, believe it or not, it turned out that the lady across the road who was so helpful to me when I moved back was a continence nurse! She put me onto them and someone came, advised on Conveen urisheaths which we had already got on a carer's advice - it's worth asking careworkers what other people do. She also ordered my brother never to drink ordinary tea again, only decaffeinated - I bought some but we have not kept it up. There was a lot of advice on bladder irritation, which may not have been relevant, and a lovely laminated colour picture of various densities of stool.
So you may have trouble finding one too. Are you not in East London, Anne? I am in Havering.