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Night time continence/urination products for immobile female - Carers UK Forum

Night time continence/urination products for immobile female

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Hi All,

We have hospital discharge plan and case review mtg for MIL tomorrow, and one of our (and her) major concerns is how she will manage overnight without being able to get up to toilet unaided. When we saw her yesterday, she said she had been chatting with Ward Sister who said there was "something she could wear at night meaning she wouldn't have to get up". I am not aware of anything other than pads for herself and her bed, but she seemed to think it was a catheter type thing or other device that she would be able to manage herself, once carers had done their nighttime visit, and see her through until morning. Just wondering if anyone is aware what this might be? Obviously we will find out more tomorrow, but wanted to do a little research in advance, and even Google is not throwing up anything other than pads and incontinence pants and she has already expressed her horror at the thought of just lying there and letting it all go ... any suggestions appreciated, thanks
This was the deciding factor for my own mum moving into residential care, she became bed bound after developing sepsis, and had a host of other health issues. The choice of sitting in her wee, or worse still, poo, all night was unthinkable (she had rather unpredictable bowels due to medication).
Don't let the hospital pussyfoot around this subject, make absolute mum understands the options, and you too, of course. There might be a night service in mum's area, be sure to ask.
Hi Bowlingbun,

Thanks for reply, and those on my previous posts.

I don't think MIL falls within the criteria for night time care, as I have already discussed this with her Case Co. I also work for adult care in the same local authority, so know how cash strapped we are, but will fight for everything she is entitled to. I work in a respite centre and we pad overnight for those that need but many are already past worrying about it, whilst it will be highly degrading and embarrassing for MIL. No one I work with knows of any other equipment or devices that will help with this, so if tomorrow's meeting comes up with any new wonder solution I will share here, but I suspect the option discussed is padding, and MIL (who is showing a few minor signs of confusion) has just missed the point. She presses the call bell when she wants a wee at night in hosp, and forgets that won't be available at home ... thanks again
The only thing i can think of it could be is a night time catheter bag which my granny has on as shes bed bound .the carers put it on at their last call at 7pm then call at 9am bag is emptyied .its attached to side of bed and drained in the mornings with overnights content.
Although ask nurse what it is for sure as may not be this
Just for info if it could help anyone, its one of these:

http://www.ageukincontinence.co.uk/brid ... g-bag.html

Hospital not sure if MIL will have manual dexterity to use it, but are ordering one to try before she is discharged.
I have seem something like this for men users abit similar where the person is imobile was sort of like a can thing.ok for users younger but not sure if some eldery could use themselves so thats good they are going to let her try it out before discharge.my granny has the permanent cathether
I don't think she will manage it, but hospital are trying all options as she has flatly refused to consider night time padding. I don't blame her as I wouldn't like it either, but as she is still adamant she wants to come home and no night time carers, pads will be the only option left ...