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NHS laundry service

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This is only my second thread! The first being to say hi!
Just wondered after speaking to one of the directors of the care company who cares for my dad, how very few people know about the nhs laundry service, out of 160 clients my dad is the only one who recieves it?
Is this because of 'cut backs' ? ignorance? meaning lack of info, funding? Some unfortunate souls must be jiggered do the amount of washing incontinence brings. I want to get the word out there that there is a service available, in Edinburgh at least!

Hi Susie, and welcome.

Interesting about the laundry service. I had to contact the Scottish Executive a few years ago to get the definitive answer regarding where free personal care stopped and domestic began. The homecarer would change the bed and put the soiled linen into the washing machine but wouldn`t put in powder or switch it on as they were told that was domestic! SE eventually ruled that without the items being washed and dried they were not available for the next day, therefore the homecarer should start the machine, transfer to drier, return to cupboard as part of my Dad`s free personal care.

Here in the Highlands the NHS do not even provide a laundry service for in-patients. Last year a chap was taken ill on holiday whilst on a bus tour. The bus left the next day with his luggage and he was left in his PJ`s. Locals visiting other patients donated clothes for him, and I did his laundry every day for a fortnight........a 42 mile round trip, because the hospital had no facilities.

We lived in Leith for seven years. I am not a city girl but quite enjoyed it while I was there.

Take care
Hi Meg,

We might have been neighbours? Image

Yeh the service only covers single sheets, no other items, but it's four dirty in a washable bag, the four lovely crisp cleans ones delivered intheir place once a week, what a burden it takes off me/carers!
Might give them a call or find a link!
http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/a_to_z/serv ... continence
oh well edinburgh only for now!

A bit like the linen service provided to hotels and guest houses. Really good idea.

When I worked in hospitals we had our own laundry service and the laundry at the psychiatric hospital was staffed by patients (before care in the community) and they did contracts too.

We used to live in Citadel Court.......shown at the start of the original Rebus programmes which reminds me of a tin shed with its yellow and blue cladding. Maybe I was behind you in a queue in Morrisons on Ferry Road or Sainsbury`s on London Road, my alternate Saturday morning shopping experiences. Now when we go to OH`s hospital visit we stay in Garfield on Ferry Road and get fuel for the journey home at Sainsbury`s at Craigleith. I never changed my bank from the Clydesdale at Davidson Mains, as it has a car park and a Greggs bakery next door!

Take care

the edinburgh service covers west lothian as well, ive had the service for at least 5 years now, it certainly takes some of the washing away, but on occassion i have had to put supposedly clean sheets into the blue bag as they are still soiled or stained and on one occassion all 4 sheets in the bag was badly torn.
its a pity that they dont do duvets and pillows even if they didnt do there covers, as im trying to wash these at least twice a week, and pjs are 2 pair at least a night.

I don't use or need a laundry service, however I recently bought a washer dryer - I have mobility problems after an accident so my son converted my garage to a downstairs bedroom and I designed the bathroom with a long piece of worktop for a vanity unit, storage under one side of the basin, laundry bin in the middle and washer dryer under the other side. Whilst the washer dryer is supposed to have a high capacity, it's not super wonderful for this, a limitation. On the other hand, it is great putting dirty clothes into it and getting clean ones out, as I can't carry heavy baskets of wet washing. Every so often I also need to wash boiler suits (I own a couple of steam engines) and whenever I wash these, often with more coal dust and oil than I'd like, I always set the machine on the rinse cycle, so that the worst of the loose dirt etc. is washed off before I use the hot wash. If you have to wash soiled clothing, this would also be a good idea.