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Docs/ long time sore throat advice needed - Carers UK Forum

Docs/ long time sore throat advice needed

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Hi all,

S's throat is STILL sore, no wonder he is fed up. We've been to the doc 3x now. The first gave him spray and thrush meds, the second was uninterested and did nothing, the third gave the same as the first, but a longer dose of thrush stuff. I feel like he has been on paracetamol for weeks. Having a sore throat is lowering his tolerance to everything else and making him miserable. He is still hoarse and can't make all of his usual sounds. He is moaning because he is sore and that makes it worse. I'm going to have to take him back. I really think they should try antibiotics, the wait and see approach technique has gone on for about 6 weeks. Any hints or helpful advice?

think I'd ask for referral to an ENT specialist Melly - sounds like something more than just a sore throat ? Maybe something to do with the way S 'uses' his vocal chords when he vocalises ? (I'm thinking polyps or nodules on his vocal chords).

Having said that I do know that thrush can take a while to clear :(
Hope it's not that Susie. But will bear that in mind. Thanks.

Have you tried Difflam spray? I lost my voice a few years ago, after a bad cough. Nothing helped (the family thought it was funny until they realised that they had to answer the phone, I couldn't even ring people as they thought I was a joker. For a chatterer it was awful!) Anyhow, after all sorts of treatments I got some things called Vocalzone pastilles from Boots, a bit like Rowntrees fruit gums, but tasted absolutely foul. So bad sometimes I just had to spit it out before the end. However, my voice returned. They were only £3 or so, not a fortune, so if he can cope with unpleasant tastes, might be worth investing in a packet.
He's at Difflam off two different docs. I bought a third lot yesterday to tide him over til we go to the docs, (it wasn't cheap.) I could try him with pastilles but if they are that foul I think he would swallow it or chew it quick to get rid of it. Maybe a deterrent for all the loud moaning that is making his voice/ throat worse?!

Difflam worked brilliantly for me when I discovered it a couple of years ago. If that's not helping at all, he really does need to be taken seriously by the doctors next time. Fortunately M. isn't ill very often, but it's so difficult working out the degree of pain, because his expressive language isn't good, and he doesn't always say when something is wrong. It's only the body language which tells me - but sadly the carers aren't much good at body language interpretation!

regular Difflam and paracetamol is keeping him more comfortable. What concerns me is that he has either had one continuous sore throat or one after another since mid July. I'm sure his vocalising to block out pain sensations has aggravated it further.

I have to guess what is wrong by observing him as it takes him ages to work out what is wrong & then can only say if good or sore. When unwell he feels anxious and his IBS is worse plus he has more seizures.

Re M's care staff not realising he is ill/ what is wrong, that seems to be a common problem with care staff and is worrying, isn't it.