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New resources to support carers with taking a break - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

New resources to support carers with taking a break

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
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‘Take a break service’ would only offer 3 hours only afternoon! Not morning
as I requested! A Certain gym membership I have (which is wasted as cannot go!)🤔!
Has a morning only facility hence why I wanted the morning but not allowed to go
As cannot get that morning cover😡😡 ......Which brings me as to why they never offered
D/P which I had forgotten about for Carer! With D/P can get my own ‘Sitter’! Interestingly
£12 P/h as against £18 p/h with agency??? Obviously I could just take the afternoon
council pay X3 £18 £54 each 3 hours: to agency X 4 monthly £216🤔 talk about waste money!
My partner had a weeks break at a Revitalise centre! Never again! When collecting
him to bring home the manager informed me they would not be able to have him back as he was
Unmanageable!😡 I was gobsmacked with the attitude and at £1500 ( but we got discount)
Supposedly for time of year does this mean lower amount to pay and less physical help for
The person??🤔 There fault for not doing a proper assessment in my view then? Revitalise is
Supposedly for ANY ONE disabled! I gave certain details of partners ways of doing or asking for something etc which I feel we’re blindly ignored! as you carefully waste time when arriving
To explain things staff don’t seem to pass to different shift workers all details that can be important
My partner is confined to wheelchair so cannot do ANYTHING for himself so stuck in one place all day! In free not of TV or whatever! But simply for a member of numerous staff ......(Mmmm
I manage everything on my home with him at home!🤔)...to simply say something to him for five
minutes! Makes me wonder what on earth they give the person for the money pure pure greed
For that amount of money I could make be have expected one to one ( which wasn’t expected)
Just pure common sense of looking after someone: ......after making official complaint...they make excuses even had the cheek that he would be able to go back if I accompanied him for the break !!!
How the heck is that respite for me as a carer! And would be paying full whack to stay what an
Insult! Me would be dong the care! Makes you wonder what sort of facility Revitalise really is
Where as lots of other disabled people in wheelchairs can mobilise themselves etc big big difference
For someone who needs physical for everything!!!
LA can do,’Take a break’ but not afternoons! as carers are all busy in the mornings! Wanted Morning!
But a different ‘Take a break’ service can offer morning sitting (as well as all day) but not weekends!
But cannot do personal care! So goes from bad to worse🤔what happens if partner wants the Loo?
So sadly cannot get any Take a break! Nothing since first being told about this 2 years ago!
Then recently have been informed LA should pay a D/P fr this! Common sense! Then can sort myself out! after all look at all the money I’ve saved them!😡😡agony invoice per 3 hours £54 times x4 x say
50 weeks a year! 🤔Yet i can get people to get £12 P/H.......the money is there....
Just wondering if there are also any support services for carers in Scotland (Edinburgh)
Internet search ... SCOTTISH CARER SUPPORT ... reveals a host :

https://www.google.com/search?q=scottis ... =firefox-b
each carer have to be entitled to an annual excursion. My buddy cared for her mum for decades, there has been a lovely respite centre that operated like a inn, you could book your slot well earlier, so you could plan a right excursion.

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Thank you for the information. Will have a look, but not sure if severe mental health partners breaks would qualify :-???
David, what LA do you come under?
There needs to be local resources for carers and their families. I have not been able to find anything in Epsom for carers my age. So I drive to Kingston for my dose of respite care once a week now.
CUK have remained quiet since this thread was first started.

( Another recent iniative that blew up in their faces ... like Fairer for Carers ? )

Our FaceAche colleagues mirror image the problems ... cost of replacing oneself as a carer.

Be nice to finally know IF the CUK scheme is " Free " or ... and we suspect ... depends on whether one has the financial resources
for someone to look after their caree ... even for a few hours a day ... in every year.

Needless to add ... for around 4 MILLION carers ... a break comes a poor 4th. ... after eat / heat / roof.
63 posts