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New resources to support carers with taking a break - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

New resources to support carers with taking a break

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
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Yep ... Crossroads well known to us ... I knew of them a decade or so before their link up with the Carers Trust

A rep came on the forum a couple of months ago ... offering something very similar to what CUK is now offering ... at a
price ... thus ruling out 3.8 / 3.9 million carers immediately ... eat / heat / roof being their daily juggling act ... and
probably a couple of million more once the costs of looking after their caree are factored in.

In essence , for every 100 carers in the mire ... only 24 could afford to pay for the rope thrown to them ?

Of that 24 , how many sinking further into debt ... some borrowing from family members and not outside sources ?

I hope it's not from their caree ... opens up yet another case containing cans of works ...
The link doesn’t work.
Which link , Sharon ?
Sally raises an interesting point, that of Human Rights.
I have previously raised the issue of carers needing rights similar to employment rights, specially holiday pay.

Maybe CUK could consider a campaign based on human rights for us instead.
Plenty in our Lord Kitch to form the basic of whatever.

Part of THE move back towards a real CARERS CHARTER ( 2008 - 2009 ) ... which would set out who we are / what we do / what resources we should have ... in essence , redefined as a " Clog in the wheel of social care " ... with a status under ALL law ... just like any worker but falling short of that definition ( Thus still giving the System the upper hand ... the trade off ? ).

No more " Rights " ... which exist on paper but ... need a carer to either enforce or take legal action ... the provisions of the Care
Act , 2014 , being a prime example in 2019 ... especially when dealing with the LA cuts.

BACK TO THREAD ... and in anticipation of CUK spelling out ... free or cap in hand job ?

( The book has now closed on that one ! )
Is the Charter on the internet anywhere? Maybe it need reviving?
Yes ... inside the old CarerWatch site ... we were creating and developing it until we hit that brick wall ... the last
Green Paper in 2009 ... everything we had worked towards for 2 years prior just tossed out into the rubbish bin by
the CarerKillers at that time , Pink Labour ... aka New ... The Labour Party.

( 2019 ... our Lord Kitch ... created from the original CARERS LETTER ... which was in turn a precis of the ideas and
solutions we came up with by the time that Green Paper was due. Strange ... most of the solutions are even more valid
today than they were a decade ago ... many , even more so ! )

If a consensus , I'll start a stand alone thread ... copy , and then paste over. NOT A THREAD FOR THE FAINT HEARTED ...
mindset needed ... thinking of CarerLand and , NOT one's own situation !!!

NOT a " CarerWatch mark 2 " ... not enough expertise on this forum for starters. Outside help in specialist fields would be
needed as the first priority ... then , general agreement towards a clear and concise target.

( Just like this forum ... there will be relevant bits scattered amongst other threads ... that word INTERLOCKING again. )

When I was offered this ‘Take a break’ literally thought was getting a mini holiday!🤗
But was told ‘3 hours a week on a set day of week and only afternoons! Which was no good to
me as when possible I like my gym but only want to use in the morning! Or 6 hours once a fortnight!
For instance I want to see my mum who lives hour bus ride away then back....so one hour is no good!
As we have care agency calling daily (that’s what made me think of mini holiday)🤗 we could
Have asked our own agency for Sit hours’ Rather confusing when you have carers coming anyway
Why a different company offering this ‘Take a break’! Would just have simply requested samething by arrangement with SW anyway! Hope this made sense! 🤔
Any indication of a commercial tie spotted in your findings , Moonlight ?

( I must confess ... I haven't watched the video. )

Or , just a case of visiting a market ... and all stallholders are selling the same product at roughly the same price ... each
encouraging you to purchase from them as theirs has something special ?

Half those loking cannot afford the price being asked.
For sure you need to taking a break,after it u will understand what u needed
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