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New resources to support carers with taking a break - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

New resources to support carers with taking a break

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
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Yep ... know that one only too well from my own experience , Sally.

( Not so much a chain , more akin to an umbilical cord that refuses to fall off in many cases ? )

Nor does it help / assist lone carers unless ...of course ... they have the financial means to pay for it ... including
the cost of someone to look after their caree in their absence ... possibly on a 24/7 basis ( Less hours spend sleeping ...
that Sleepover ruling again ! ) ... 3 carees a day to avoid breaching hours worked under Employment law ?

Assuming , of course , said scheme is NOT free.

Waiting for CUK to confirm.
We were lucky that we could have found the money to pay, Dad had a good pension. But again Dad wouldn't consent to the financial assessment, so that was that. Mum was left to struggle on 24/7. Through violence outbursts, sleepless nights, erratic behaviour, double incontinence. It was only when she was suspected of having dementia herself that things came to a head and even then they wanted to send him home from hospital with a care package in place for her to fend for herself at night, at time he was often at his worse. No one gave a cr*p about Mum and her well-being. She cared for him for over 10 years.

I honestly can't think of any group in society who's human rights in this matter are so disregarded and no one seems to care.
FaceAche response ?

Muted ... replies slightly up on those in this thread.

Together as I type ?


Perhaps CUK will now take the opportunity to pad out this scheme ?

FREE or cap in hand job ?

Hit or miss ... pop pickers ?
So, taking a break is a carer's 'fundamental right'? In reality, Id love for all those who received any funding to take a break to post their experience here!
Smoke and mirrors , R ?

Even our supporting organisations are at it.

Like being stranded in desert ( CarerLand ) ... need water like yesterday ( A break ) and ... along comes a Samaritan with
bottles of water ( Supporting organisations ) ... all yours ... if you have the money to pay for them ???

( A little premature ... still waiting for CUK to confirm ... free or ... a cap in hand job ?
Their continuing silence means that the best price now available is 1 to 20 ON ... in a two horse race ? )
It looks like a well put together collection of web pages with lots of smiling faces but basically money only available if you are destitute, sought every government benefit, and search numerous charitable organizations for grant or loan! And then it's a lottery.

Web pages do look pretty though. Someone will have exceeded expectations for their goal/objective in their annual review.
Even the commercial bit.

Paragraphs and pretty pictures ... sell the dream ... draw the punters in ... hide the cost / price in the small print at the
very bottom ... hoping that said punter has already bought the product even without asking " How much ? "

In CarerLand , we know what snake oil tastes like ... it's constantly poured down our throats.

( Perhaps CUK will argue that their snake oil is superior to all others out there ?

Until we know the price , we await judgement.)
20 years of caring never had any support or break, only offered was to send my caree to a day centre about 4 hours a day, firstly, my caree doesn't want to go to a day centre.
And even if they do go to a day centre how abouts the evenings, night and weekends.

There must be human rights that an unpaid carer can have an evening out and enjoy themselves, evenings out have been very rare.

Unpaid carers should have a life on their own the government says.

And when you do get a break there is a list of rules as long as your arm, they cannot toilet, they cannot take the person out, they are not allowed to do food, a sitting service is just that a sitting service.

In order to give me a break, you need to have an exact copy of me, with my knowledge of equipment, I can toilet, I can take the caree out, I know what the caree likes, I get on and identify with the caree.

My carees are severely disabled, they need someone to go with them and help when they go out, there are services that take the disabled out for the day FOR FREE . BUT you have to pay for a carer-20 pound an hour.

Which in turn gives the unpaid carer a day off. But it is just unrealistic to expect a caree on benefits to pay 20 pound an hour.

So no day out for the caree, no day off for the unpaid carer.
Well said ... and echoed by millions of fellow carers out there.
Live in the East Kent area, i get support from Crossroads link http://www.carerskm.org/ might be means tested which i think is fair but they do a lovely job and they sit with my wife for 3 hours a week, enough to take a deep breath.

Might help someone.
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