New resources to support carers with taking a break

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Same consideration ... a break or pay down debt.

In that respect , carers in the lower half with a family ... pressure must be enormous ... I see it with zero hour contact
workers with young families locally ... not knowing from one day / one week / one month to the next if monies will be
comng in ... all with a relative fixed level of expenditure ... watching the gap become a chasm.

As for the latter ... debt ... interest rates will not continue to be this historically low for much longer.
Oh ... for the want of a Poll facility on threads like this one ?

Good idea ?

YES or NO.

Some might attract a couple of hundred responses for CUK to gauge ... close after a calender month ?

A YES and then persue ... a NO and then either revamp or bin ( Or persue whatever the outcome ? ).

Two thirds + 1 either way ... and no Brexit type stalling ?

Would certainly " Revolutionise " the current relationship between CUK and us ... the mere proles ?

A sense of " Our " organisation returning ?

Given time ... polls of our own addressed to CUK ... may save time at that agm ... questions from the floor ?

BACK TO THREAD ... solely lacking in replies as I type ... and clarification from CUK.
bowlingbun wrote:
Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:17 pm
Alongside the respite there should be a holiday fund, after all everyone else gets a right to a holiday, why not us?
How do i post a message please?
Hi Margaret.

Just repeat what you just did under any thread that appeals to you.

Plenty to chose from.
The thing I found hard was to get one-off cover for medical appointments. Agencies seemed to want regular bookings and even the sitting service couldn’t find anyone for me. My daughter had to come (five hours travelling in each direction!) so I could go to a hospital appointment for myself. It put me off even thinking about a real break and stopped me taking proper care of myself, as I didn’t want to impose on her too much.
The bane of a lone carer , Dusty ?
Yep. It was manageable while he could leave the house (eg I’d get us consecutive appointments at the dentist and we could go in together) but once he was housebound that option disappeared.
margaret_19061 wrote:
Sat Jun 15, 2019 7:25 pm

How do i post a message please?
Check out this posting in the "Tour 'how to' guide for using the forum" at the bottom of the main index. ... post-22174