Hi i may be one of the lucky ones ,as i do manage to get out 4 times a week when other carers come in to assist my wife with her personal needs, might be just enough time to go to the shops ,i no longer have a social life and i could really do with a holiday, so answer me this if you can , where do i get the carers from to come and look after my wife , my own agency does not have the resources to cover it, and when i phone around other agency's they dont want to take on even if they could as i already have an agency in place, and to make thins worse ,my wife does not deal with new faces so to change over would not be viable., plus my agency is one of the cheapest at £22 p hour , when you phone other agencys any way they can not gaurantee that they could cover for a weeks holiday so its always a struggle , what makes all this worse is that i am no longer in a marrage ,i am just a carer and i get reminded of the fact ,so would i take advantage of female companionship ( absolutely )