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The head of nursing has refused to even trial showering my partner at the weekends because her staff are too busy. It only takes about 10 minutes extra (a nurse comes each morning anyhow) and really in this weather bed baths are pretty rubbish. I am arguing it is his basic human right to request a shower, and this is something they do, in the week, they shower him, no probs.
Can anyone advise me, can she refuse on these grounds?
As nobody has replied to you, all I can say is that I don't know if she can refuse or not. Sorry.

Best take this up with the head of the DN department and ask her (or him?). It's a valid point though.
Bit like the PA who flatly refused to get hubby out of the car on her own.

Ask the head of the department, you're entitled to know these things.
i would say that they cannot, but i am not sure, perhaps a call to cuk will help you on this..
My 24 year old son is only allowed two showers a week so I would say yes they can refuse - quoting the expense - at least that is what the social work dept tell us. They are not willing to pay the cost of any more showers.

that to me is so wrong, i bet they shower everyday, or do there??
Don't get me wrong - he gets washed every morning and his dad and I give him a bed bath every night (except shower nights, obviously).

We put Robert to bed ourselves every night as well because if the social work department had to do it they would not be willing to pay for it and have told us that our son would be placed in an old persons home as that would be cheaper for the department than providing the care he needs at home. We just have to hope that nothing happens to his dad or I as that is what lies in store for our son. Both my husband and I need surgery but can't have it because of our caring situation.
it is sad that it would come down to that. can you not have respite to have the op???
Its not so much the respite to have the op - its more the 6 weeks recovery time afterwards that is the problem.

Both my husband and I have hernias (I also have a prolapse). Both of us have had surgery in the past for these problems but as soon as the Social Work department withdrew the help and we were left to cope alone our problems returned.

There is not really any point in us having the surgery again whilst we are still caring as the problems would simply recur as soon as the help was withdrawn - thats if we can even get the help in the first place this time.

i am sorry to hear that. it must be hard on you and your husband to know you need the op and that it currently is not worth it due to the lack of support. it is something that should never happen. you have been left with no options but to let your health and well being suffer because of councils and government.
Oh, Eun.
Your situation with everyone is just FLICKING RIDICULOUS and I feel really mad for you.

This is supposed to be the 21st century.

And heck, where's the CARE FOR THE CARERS gone?

Really, really big, big hugs to all of you. xxx