Needs assessment by Local Authority for caree -any tips?

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Hi all

Sorry if there's a thread about this (bet there is).

My mum is being assessed by the LA next week - she has Parkinson's, dementia. She is very averse to the idea of outside help (we think she may be Aspergic as well, but that's a long story).

I need an assessment to see if there's any help available - even getting a base line assessment may help. I'm not expecting anything stupendous.

She can do some things herself but it fluctuates & everything is getting harder & harder.

She will also tell the assessor that she can do things herself so I've had a private talk with the assessor beforehand (a bit rushed).

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?

The fact sheet available from Carers UK is a good starting point , as is the guidance given on the NHS site : ... assessment ... are-needs/

One of the biggest failings ?

The dreaded " Post Code Lottery " ... especially if one was near to a county border ... some in the next street may obtain greater support just by living in a different county.

My manor , Worksop , a good example ... in Nottinghamshire with Derbyshire a couple of miles to the west , South Yorkshire same distance to the north ... all three county councils have different variations.

Present system has one assessment for the caree , another for the carer ... quite often , there will be conflicts between the two ... if the carer needs a break , the caree is assessed financially ... major drawback in my time over a decade ago !

And yet , isn't the careee / carer relationship a partnership ... if no caree , no need for a carer ?
The only suggestion I have is that, as with all assessments, it's important to stress a "worst case"scenario - not what Mum can do but what she can't do on a bad day.

By the way have you had, or are you having a Carers Assessment too ?
Is mum receiving Attendance Allowance? Did you know that she is totally exempt from Council Tax on the grounds of "severe mental impairment"? This can be BACKDATED to the day of diagnosis!! Do you have Power of Attorney? Does mum have over £23,000 in savings? If so, Social Services will expect her to pay for all her care.