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need help and advice

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hello every one

im trying to open a bank account for my son to get his personal budget payed in now as me or my husband have a pritty bad credit score we are finding it hard to get one with our name on it as one of us will need to singe them for him as he cant write him self .why should our sonnot be able to have an account cos of this as the account isnt for our gaine its just for my sons activitysand paying his carers thay are going to be taking him out ect can any one tell me how i can get an account for him soon as the banks have only say to get a power of aturney but that can take months he needs to be doing things now .
I'm not an advisor Eileen so you should call our adviceline next week on 0808 808 7777 (weds thurs). I know Power of Attorney won't help you in short term but sounds like a good idea.

Find out more at http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... es-affairs
My son has a basic young persons bank account of his own with Lloyds TSB. No problem, and effectively I manage it on his behalf. Have you thought about asking the bank for advice?
yes we have been to all the banks the problem is as he can not write his name he cant sign the form if he could he could get any bank account as he had all the chekes wit no probs. but if we try to put our names on as we would need to sign the cheques for things for him . the bank dosnt want to know coz of our credit rating.why cant banks deal with people that cant write. mt son got a passport ok with out signing it they used his thub print . but the banks cant do that.