Name labels

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.

Have a look at Stikins - I found they stood up to the rigours of care home washing and much easier.

And no, I am not advertising, I have no link with the company :D
Also be aware (maybe different depending on home) but if they give you a form to fill out
For example "How many pairs of trousers" etc, but when you are bringing some one home
You may well have the number of items you checked in but some one else's!! Which is very
annoying! Seems pointless getting people to fill out these forms, when things still get lost
even with the name! On one occasion,anting to make sure my husbands hearing aids were removed properly at bedtime and put in the boxes, but alas ended upmarket n the laundry
Hi Moonlight- that is one thing I do worry about - hearing aids- they are so expensive to replace and I don't know how you can name them. I wonder if initials in thin marker pen would work temporarily on the ouside bit.
The staff at hubby's nursing home were allegedly very careless with one of the residents hearing aids a couple of times. His wife gave them the bill for replacements and they paid, albiet reluctantly! Seems the staff are much more vigilant with them now( according to his wife). Not sure why I'm telling you this, except maybe you could make it clear that it's such an expense for the home to have to replace?
Hubbys Seiko watch was washed at the laundry, how they couldn't feel the weight in his trouser pocket I will never understand. I didn't, at the time ( early days) even consider asked for compensation. Hearing aids are a different matter though, as a medical need.
I know that spectacles and dentures can be engraved with the patient's name (had Mum's done) - just ask at the opticians/dentists. I would think that hearing aids could also be engraved - would be worth checking with whoever dispenses them.

Unfortunately that wouldn't help if they're left in a pocket and end up in the wash !
Sometimes, no matter what you do.. have the labels or not things get lost but engravement sounds like good idea to me