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Disabled Facilities Grant Query - Carers UK Forum

Disabled Facilities Grant Query

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I just wondered if anybody has knowledge of applying for this Grant?

My Mother was admitted to Hospital on 18th December and is currently still in as a patient.
We expect her to be discharged very soon and myself and another family member were last week looking into the cost of getting a Stairlift installed (our only toilet/bathroom is upstairs).
From what I've read on the internet, a local authority OT would be sent out to assess whether a lift would be 'necessary and appropriate'.
A friend thinks I should apply for such a grant even though in our experience in the past, what usually seems to happen in Hospital, is that an OT / Physio would take Mother up and down one flight of stairs and deem her 'fine at using the stairs' (even if this exhausted her, made her BP drop etc).
So therefore I was wondering if there would be any point of putting Mother through the inevitable stress of having someone come to the house to assess her, and also look into her finances, as I understand this grant is means tested.

Does anyone have any advice or thoughts on this please?
Many thanks.
The hospital should bring mum home first, assess what is needed and then ensure it is provided.
A DFG is usually done by the local housing authority, not Social Services. Whether or not it is worth applying for a DFG depends on how much mum has in savings really. When did she last have a Needs Assessment from Social Services. If mum has savings just above the LA limit for social care, around £23,000 if buying the stairlift herself would take her from just above to just below the limit, it would be better for her to buy it herself. Carers UK has a brilliant helpline, email them and they will have more precise information, usually they reply within a week.
Many thanks.
That's really useful.
It all seems so complicated when you read one thing in one place, and something different elsewhere and are told another!
I will email.