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Cleaning tips

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
I'm trying to do my house up gradually. It's difficult on the income I have but I'm still trying. I have a white lino in my kitchen it's 18 yrs old and it has some difficult to get out walking/use trails on it. I can't afford to replace it. Does anyone have any tips on how to clean it up to the white it used to be. I would really appreciate advice.
Also any tips on cleaning that you have I would love to hear and time-saving tips :D
Hi Charm
Anyone who knows me would roll around laughing at me giving tips on cleaning but here goes- white vinegar might help and should be ok on lino and quite cheap.
As long as the lino is washed now and then, I wouldn't worry. Might be worth advertising on Freecycle that you'd like some lino, especially if the kitchen isn't large. Someone might have some they don't want. I gave away a massive brand new roll which mum and dad bought but never used. Went on Freecycle.
My place is pretty "lived in" too. I'm obsessive about keeping the lounge carpet well vacuumed, I couldn't afford to replace it so really look after it. I always try to keep the lounge looking fairly presentable, then shut the door to the former dining room/now my study.
The kitchen may look good or bad, depending on what I've been baking or cooking, but I'm not into inspections, just so long as everyone likes my food.
No one other than family have to go upstairs, as we have a loo in our conservatory.
I'm gradually getting rid of any furniture and "stuff" I really don't need any more, the less there is for me to look after the better. Having cleared my in laws house, my brother's house, and then my mother's house, a few bits and bobs crept in here that I don't need or doesn't suit my house.
As a good general cleaner I like Flash yellow liquid that you put in a bowl or bucket and then dilute. My biggest cleaning extravagance is Dettol foam bath cleaner. I have 2 knee replacements, can't kneel down any more, but the foam melts the grot, just needs a quick wipe down and my 40 year old blue bath is gleaming again.
Maybe some biological washing liquid, on a non scratch scourer? Then a mop over how you usually do. Or one of those flash magic erasers. You can get them, or similar in the pound shop. I'm struggling too, trying to get my house in order. My motivation comes and goes.
White vinegar, washing up liquid on Windows, then shine up with newspaper. It works, honestly! I have a window karcher now, but the old fashioned way has the edge.
I tried a "Magic Eraser" on some marks on an internal door, took all the gloss finish away and now the door needs repainting. 6 doors in my hall/stairs/landing and no matching paint left over from 20 years ago!!!
Oh no BB! It worked on some doors that are gloss painted here. Glad of the warning though.
Fortunately, it's not very visible, but I know it's there, and I know how much love I put into getting the gloss just right. Still, I always have been a fusspot about painting. My husband wouldn't let me do any painting at our first house, but this one needed everything doing to it. First I was allowed to put primer on, for inspection afterwards. Then I was allowed to do the undercoat, and then finally I was deemed good enough for the gloss work. I'm very proficient at wallpapering too, well it's all to do with pattern matching, just like dressmaking really.
I'm ok with painting. Never wallpapered. Hubby did that. Haven't the confidence to try now. I know what you mean about knowing faults are there. No one else notices, but we know. Ah well, its my home, and humble as it may be to others it's still home.! I'm very slowly making a few changes.
I found the magic erasers took paint off too! Really small amount but enough to be annoying! I don't know how they will work on lino though. I agree freecycle is a good idea! We are moving in a few months and I've looked on there and seems pretty good for stuff!

My only cleaning tip is a way to clean a microwave that has gotten some stuck on food inside it. Fill a small bowl with water and half a lemon. Put on high for a little while (try 30secs at a time) depending on your microwave. Then the dirt/food just wipes off without having to scrub!
Use as few rooms as possible and keep the doors and windows to them closed.
That cuts out dusting and carpet cleaning.

Learn to appreciate how attractive uncleaned brass really is! :lol: