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Money Saving Tips? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Money Saving Tips?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
If you have one, really learn how to use your freezer - for cooking double batches of casseroles, cakes, soups etc., and for saving leftovers.

When I got married in the early 1970s freezers were the "in thing" - there were magazines and cookery books devoted to using them!

There were indeed. My mum and I went nuts cramming everything into the freezer, especially garden produce. We used to spend evenings topping and tailing runner beans, then slicing them and then blanching them in boiling water for a couple of minutes, then draining them and bagging them up and into the freezer they went!

Freezers are also brilliant for storing all the 'gannet food' I wrote about above - all those marked down foods that we can't eat at once but can just fill up the freezer (the trick, however, is to remember to start eating them at some point!)
I've saved loads of money by being able to sew. Curtains, mending jean zips, darning, etc. Also growing veg. Be selective, things like runner beans and new potatoes are so much better home gown, picked and cooked immediately. We just eat and enjoy the beans when they are small and tender. Cake is quick and easy too, simple stuff based on a victoria sandwich. Both my sons can make great cakes.
By the way, in respect of cakes, apparently, making sponges with marge is not only cheaper than making them with butter, but produces an airier lighter cake! This is because marge has more water in it than butter (probably why it's cheaper!) and when the cake goes in the oven, the water in the marge turns to steam, and so 'lifts' the sponge more than butter will.

So, you save money AND get a better cake! (Save the butter for the 'real' buttercream icing - yummy! :) )
It's an old thread, but I haven't find a newer one.

So, in the current situation what do you recommend for money saving to help someone with a lower monthly income?