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Money Saving Tips? - Carers UK Forum

Money Saving Tips?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Do you have any money Saving tips?

Which shops are value for money?

I got a box of crackers for £4:00 & wrapping paper 3 for £1:00 from a charity shop.
Always go shopping with a list (and stick to it.)

Put on a fleece, snuggle under a blanket when sitting, instead of turning up the heating.

Don't leave electrical items on standby.

Only wash clothes etc when they are dirty.

Make gift tags out of old Christmas cards.

Open Christmas wrapped presents carefully and fold or roll up the paper and save for next year. Worried about the creased paper?......iron it with a cool iron with a pillowcase or teatowel over the top of the paper.

Wash and keep the tin foil takeaway trays. I find them to be just the right size for apple crumbles or pies for two.
I try to get to Asda at the right time, plenty of fruit and veg reduced to 10p, ideal for the freezer. Also wouldn't be without my trusted hot water bottle, saves a fortune in the long run compared to having the heating on at certain times of the day.
Learn how to use a pressure cooker. Saves on energy, cooks quickly, uses cheap cuts and really tasty. Ignore horror stories, they ARE safe.
BB they are really easy to use as well.
bowlingbun wrote:Learn how to use a pressure cooker. Saves on energy, cooks quickly, uses cheap cuts and really tasty. Ignore horror stories, they ARE safe.
You taking about pressure cooker got me thinking, we do a very nice cooked piece of gammon, we get one from iceland, i think it's £3.75 cut it in half, freeze one half for later date, cook the other in the pressure cooker, it's very nice on sandwiches, the cooked gammon lasts for days, well depends how much you can eat i guess.
I cook stews with a LOT of root veggies in them, which are dirt cheap (ie, compared to non-root veg, or meat). Never put the oven on unless you've filled it up with 'cook ahead' stuff.

Pancakes and pasta are very, very cheap meals. And REALLY yummy!

Defo become a supermarket 'gannet' and follow the lady-with-the-mark-down-pricing-gun-trolley round the aisles at critical times of day (I find it's usually lunchtime and late pm - but don't leave it too late or the gannets will have had their fill of the bargains!). You'll need to be flexible about the menu - just grab what is good offer and adapt to that!

Defo agree re hot water bottles - brilliant! When they are cooling off, use the hotwater bottle water again to reheat. Also, if you have a tank full of hot water anyway, fill the kettle with that for boiling food and making tea/coffee - I was brought up on the 'ooh, never drink from the hot water tap or you will DIE school of teaching, but it isn't true....)

Wear at least two layers in the home - if you havn't got thermal long-johns, wear thick tights and then trousers/joggers whatever. You must have vests long enough to tuck well around the waist. Wear polo necks to keep your neck warm.

Most cheap cosmetics are as good as expensive ones.

And only buy clothes etc in charity shops - that way if you make 'mistakes' you can just give them back, and get a glow of virtue. Plus they seldom cost more than a small fraction of the new price.
Beware the "£" shops are NOT always the cheapest !

Lots of cleaning products (bleach, washing up liquid etc, etc) are actually under a £ in the regular supermarkets - ditto packets of biscuits.

If you have a local market you should find that fruit & veg are loads cheaper than in the supermarkets.

Try out the supermarkets own label "Basic or "Value" ranges; they are usually just as good as the more expensive ranges (and as an added bonus often contain less fat/sugar than the 'better' ranges !!.

And if you want Jenny's thermal undies - check out Primark and/or Matalan, much cheaper than M&S or BHS and just as good quality :)
Susie - I agree about the basic value own brands, especially for washing powder - I have never worked out why Aeriel or Persil is SO much better than cheapie own brand washing powder, and it costs about three times as much. Maybe I'm missing out, as I never buy the named brands, but how much 'better' can one wash powder be over another???