Online Shopping for Christmas

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I have used Tesco online in the past when I've been disabled and unable to drive after operations, but generally I shop in Waitrose. I started shopping there because the disabled car park was so convenient, and still shop there now I'm able to walk.
Recently, the car park was full so I decided to look at Ocado shopping, especially as I had £20 off my first order. I did try them years ago, but found the website so frustrating. Now, it's wonderful, so quick and easy to use, and lots of special offers too, and I qualified for free delivery as well!
So if you find online shopping too annoying, try Ocado this Christmas.
I now have a 10 page Christmas plan on my computer. What to do, buy, make etc., with a countdown from 1st December onwards. I know it sounds terribly OCD but it makes shopping so easy. I don't need to remember much, it's all written down!
After one disastrous Christmas when I went into a Tesco superstore and queued for hours, I decided NOTHING was important enough for me to do it ever again. I would rather do without or pay penalty prices in the corner shop than venture into any large store on Christmas Eve.
Actually, I have two computerised shopping lists, identical. One is the Master List, with what I have to buy, the other is a "cross off" list. I cross off things as I buy them, and delete them on the computer list.
It's great to see it shrinking to nothing.
It's only me, my sons and grandson over the holiday, and we are very traditional. So I started with what we are going to eat on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, then write down what I need to make them.
My Christmas card list is on a database, saves me writing the addresses individually, usually 70-80 each year.
My daughter 1 uses ocado. Very pleased with it. The price comparison is better than she thought. The good news though is her hubby has just started working for them after the shock of being made redundant. I'm proud that he was prepared to try any type of work. When he has worked for a certain amount of time, a staff discount is granted.
I won't have much food shopping to do, as I am going to hers for dinner.
I think giving acado is really worth a try, as with any on line shop.
And they take Paypal !