Getting Pads and Slips to Work?

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As yet I haven't been able to get the pads or slips to work so he never wakes up in a pool of pee. I make sure he has a pee before he goes to bed and that he doesn't drink too much immediately before bed. The pads never seem to be in place when I check on him in the morning and he tends to pluck the slips apart. He uses the moliform extra premium and molicare premium slip. So if these are fitted correctly they won't leak?
The key thing is to make sure the penis is pointing downwards into the middle of the pad. If he fidgets too much I'm not sure if there is a better solution but hopefully someone else will come up with one. In my experience a pad will work better than a catheter or conveen for a fidgeter. I'vd got my own fidgeter so I know about these things. Probably a good idea to put bed pads underneath him in bed and on chairs unless you really, really like vaxing.
Sounds like a smaller size might be worth a try. At least you can stop him from drinking in the evening and get him to pee before he goes to bed. My partner insists he'll be too thirsty to sleep and can't perform on demand!